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P:Ren -- Seville


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It's been a long time coming, but I couldn't resist another trio! /WEEPS INTO HANDS/


Male, Leavanny Fusion
Age 23 | 6’0 | 180lbs
Job Class: Mercenary
Birthday: ???

[ TOWN ]🍀 Xeluses

Easygoing, sociable, sarcastic, impulsive, what is the opposite of diligent-that's Seville, doesn't sweat the small stuff.
[ + ] String Instruments, Sleeping, Sweet scents, Citrus, Stories, BeAuTiFuL wOmEn, PaRtIeS, FrEe FoOd n LOdGe, and Sunny Days.
[ - ]  Bitter foods, Bitter people, Unnecessary Death or Carnage, and Cold Weather.

[ ABILITY ]🍀 Chlorophyll; during harsh sunlight, the Speed stat of Pokémon with this Ability is doubled.

"The protection of life is most important! People and Pokemon!"
While Seville is a rather carefree and relaxed, he still an accomplished swordsman and survivalist.  He often takes after his master's fighting style (and unfortunately also his drive for work..). He prefers rapier and buckler, though is proficient with a bow and long sword as well. 

X-Scissor | Protect | Camouflage | Giga Impact

X – 14 CHILDHOOD: From the moment Seville was able to hold a blade he had been taken as a student under The Sacred Sword. Formally titled The Order of the Sacred Sword, they are a small third party martial organization dedicated to maintaining the balance between humans and Pokemon.  The order is split into three divisions of swordsmanship, each following one of the Legendary Pokemon -Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion.  Dedicating himself to his patron saint Virizion, Seville was taught their way of life and participated in several missions to protect the state of the world. 

15 – 18 THE ZEPHYR BLADES: At the age of 15, Seville is old enough to serve as vangard for the organization by gathering intel on potential and upcoming threats.  Seville does this under the guise of a wandering mercenary for hire.  More than anything, Seville uses this opportunity as a chance to make his own way through the world; to carve his own path like his master had before him.  In his travels he had met with countless others and fought many battles with his Leavanny partner.  It seemed only natural that their progression brought their two roads into one. 

There were still many more roads for Seville—bringing him to meet, fight, and ally with two others; a reserved man named Sebastian and the free-spirited Syg.  In no time, the trio would form a partnership referred to as The Zephyr Blades.  Their purpose, TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM DEVASTATION-TO UNITE ALL PEOPLE WITHIN OUR NATION- TO DENOUNCE TH--you get it.

19 – 23 PRESENT: In present day, and after the disbanding of the Zephyr Blades, Seville continues to spend his time as a sword for hire exploring the continent.  Although there is no town he calls home, he often finds himself gravitating to Xeluses.  As a well sought after swordsman he occasionally lends his service to the local militia—so long as it aligns to his interests.  He has taken a particular interest in one radical group though...

🍀 Member of the Zephyr Blades, a swordsman trio along with Syg and Sebastian.
🍀 Ambidextrous
🍀 Seville has tattoo markings under both of his eyes, like his master before him. 
🍀 Has a soft spot for kids. (I didn't want to put kids under his likes...that's just, like, weird, man.)
🍀 It seems like Seville is always in a constant state of being broke.  Like his master before him, he is incredibly loose with money, spending a majority of it immediately or given away in some manner. 

[ SCRIPTS ]🍀 Scripts


Syg to ikarus-exe
Sebastian to Mokkun-Way
Seville to me
Pokeren to Kimbledimble
Pokemon to Nintendo

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i want to bully him

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I understand... I also will bully him

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Why yo boys always so beautiful -wheezes-<333
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HAHAH!!! i.... i... can only do two types... pretty boys and baby bois.... nothing else... //WEEPS INTO HANDS
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Oh my god, with this man as one of his role models, no wonder Syg turned out the way he did lol

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A very kissable boy
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Syg is the wingman literally, Sev is it figuratively... Seb... Just kind of begrudgingly accepts it I suppose. 
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Poor Seb just has to put up with everything...
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i would abandon sev and syg if i were him tbh
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