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Spider Bookmark

I'm clearly in Halloween mood these days, guys :)
Made this couple of days ago, but couldn't post it because of cold. So, here it is now, my new bookmark.
This piece is mix of different materials, cardboard, thread, paper, nylon, even some polymer clay (for big spider's body). Everything is made from the scratch, nothing was pre-made...only raw materials to be work with.
The whole idea is a semi-active that I mean it could be used with little spider dangling outside of book or with it packed's made to fit insides of any of webs (by height), so closing the book would not damage it at all. Also, it is made of non-staining, no color changing or leaking materials (even when wet), so there's no danger in using it, even in most expensive book.
I'm really sorry this "presentation" can't really give you the actual look or feel of this bookmark, especially the bottom of big spider's body, which I'm pretty proud on. I'm also sorry for not being able to find my Poe's book of stories, it would be more effective that way, I believe...but good old Alice is what I had to stick with, even it doesn't fit the mood.
Anyway, I hope you can fill the gaps bad photos made, with your imagination ;) To help you do that, download this for even bigger view.
And as always, I hope you like it :)

UPDT: And I just found out about this , so will give it a shot. You can read all about it here: [link]
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That is soo cool.
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Really cool!!!! Great job!
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Wow, this is awesome! O,O
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I loved this bookmark, is sooo creative!! Make me wish for better hands for myself...thanks for sharing!
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'nuff said...
:XD: :+fav:
Maylar's avatar
Haha, glad you like it :D I'm open for commissions ;) :P
Hp-Kitty's avatar
:heart: haha :''D sadly...... I don't got any money at the moment x''D yesterday I killed my phone.... *sigh* I don't have points either x''D
Maylar's avatar
Yeah, I understand you, trust me...well, maybe one day :)
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One day... I will get one! :'D
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This awesome piece has been featured on the Through the Faerie Door blog!!! [link] :dance:
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Oh, thank you so very much (I know I'm late, but still...).:hug: :D
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This took my breath away. :toast:

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Thank you so much :D
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how did you make that???
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Well, it's somewhat similar to making Irish lace (ever seen some of those?) or Richelieu embroidery, only without basically stretch the thread between points, then go around it with more thread...ugh, hard to explain on the simple way, would have to show you or make tut (which gives me an idea ;)).
As for spider, it's mix of fimo and other material parts ;)
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ok? I think I get it a bit...
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This looks Awesome!! :love: I love it!! Great Job ;)
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Oh, thank you, I'm glad you like it :D :heart:
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