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Hey, guys! :) I haven't wrote in a long time, but it feels like it's high time to do it, not just because I have a problem at hand that only you can help me solve. Plus, there's a bit of summer sale on my Etsy (link down below), but about that later.


So, what's been going on?

Well, it's about here:  

Ever since last year, I began to notice a very strange behavior on my YouTube channel. For all of you who are unfamiliar with it, I have a very small channel that serves mainly to introduce my finished works, so that friends, fans and customers could see it. There's also few tutorials and animations there. I plan another channel soon, which will deal more with tutorials, how-to's and similar, but that is a story for some other time.

Anyway, for quite a while, I noticed that my subscribers number was acting like frozen. It just stood on the same number and frankly, I wouldn't have noticed if a friend didn't tell me that he and his three friends all subscribed from their own accounts, but when I checked, the number was still the same. I told them it must have been some kind of mistake and to try again, but they all confirmed they were subscribed and even went so far to unsubscribe and subscribe again. But the number didn't change.

Worried by this, I went to YouTube help forum and tried asking for help, but then found out that quite a number of people had the same problem and were left with it unanswered and that, too, no one even bothered answering my question, either (which is saddening behavior for such a big company, but then again, did you notice many of big sites have a really rotten help and support? I don't know, is it a trend or something? :P) Anyway...

Not long after, the number on my channel moved and I soon forgot about it all under the pressure of other, more important things. But then again, last February, number stuck again and it wasn't moving for several long weeks. When it did, it jumped for three subscribers up and I was quite happy for that.

But then, after just two days, two of those seemingly unsubscribed :( Or did they, really?

Since then, a strange thing keeps happening. Number jumps for a subscriber or two or three. Then falls down for at least one subscriber in a matter of day or so and more often, for two or even all three. It usually goes like this: +2 subscribers, several hours or up to a day passes, -1 subscriber. +3 subs, few hours or up to a day passes, -2 subscribers. On worse days, it goes -1 or -2 subscribers, but in those cases, they apparently RETURN IN A MATTER OF HOURS, BUT ONLY IF NO NEW SUBSCRIBERS WERE ADDED.

Freaky, no?

Along with that, my watchtime and number of views suddenly went down to almost non-existent for some reason. Just for comparison: one of my old videos has just under 300 000 views. My average was between 4000-9000 views. But now, I have videos with only 1 view or up to 10, best. And I have no idea what's been going on. People, my DEATH NOTE video has collected all 20 views since April. DEATH NOTE, guys! With all the proper tags and all... I mean... do only I feel it's not really realistic? 

Is it some kind of blacklisting? Ghostban? But why?

To my knowledge, I did nothing wrong. Worse thing I once did was to (unknowingly) take copyrighted music and edit it to my video, but that was taken down and ever since then, I had no troubles whatsoever. And that video itself had around 6000 views back then and it was about five years ago. So... yeah :confused: 

My friends, I need to ask you for a big favor. Would you help me by going to my channel and subscribe to it, just so we could see if anything changes? Or watch my videos couple of times, so we check if  the numbers move? Or maybe help me spread the word around and see if someone else would help me check this, too? Even if it is just a temporary and you're not interested in seeing videos of my new works, lol, I would hugely appreciate if you would help me try this on. I promise, it is not a trick to lure you into subscribing my channel, lol. You're always free to unsubscribe, after all :P

But joke aside, I am really desperate. You know how I feel about this? Like someone is holding me in a transparent little box and I don't know where the walls are or why are they there, just that I can't really move. Blah. Anyone, do you remember this old drawing of mine:

In The Glass Box by Maylar

*sigh* Not that I'm an angel or even close, lol :P

So, that's basically how it is. I have a lot of friends, good, close friends on dA, so thought to ask for help here, as this is what the dA is best at in my experience, artist to artist support ;) If you care to give a bit of your time, go here:

Let's see if we can make things move and make some difference.


Now, about more cheerful stuff. As always, I am in the sale mood for the end of summer, so please note that all my items in the Etsy shop are down by $5. FREE SHIPPING for everything goes without saying, of course, so if you planned buying something from me, now it would be a good time to do it ;) The code you need to use for this discount is: AUGUSTSALE 
(though you'll get it instead of "thank you" note with every purchase, as well)

And that's it. Sorry for spilling my troubles above, heh. It's weird, isn't it? Anyway, I hope you had and are still having a glorious summer and a lot fabulous time ^^ Until the next time!!! :heart:
(oh, and if you were looking for my Instagram: ;)

Elis, The Witch Doctor, OOAK Artist Doll by MaylarCeleste, Time Traveling Elf by MaylarScarecrow by MaylarPrincess Zelda by Maylar
I Ching Set by MaylarVampire Killer Set by MaylarPoor Pirate's Chest by MaylarVoodoo by Maylar

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Artist | Professional | Varied
I love my work, which In many forms and ways.

I live for it and of it and times can be hard and times can be fun, but my life is a ever=shifting curious thing and most of the time, I like it that way.

It shows in my art...I tend to jump through techniques and themes and you'll rarely see me do the same thing twice, except on "popular demand"...or if someone orders it-girl has to eat ;) Yeah, I do commissions, ask if interested.

Current Residence: Dark side of moon
Favourite genre of music: metal, goth, classic, instrumental (especially Celtic)
Favourite photographer: too many, half of them members of DeviantArt
Favourite style of art: anything that makes you stop and think about it
Shell of choice: Cypraeidae
Skin of choice: Chameleon's
Favourite cartoon character: Snufkin
Personal Quote: Pain makes you rise or fall...


Finn, the Book Elf
Finn is a house elf, who loves nothing more than to sneak into a library and read to his heart content. He's always been a bit peculiar about his clothes and his hair isn't quite of usual colors for house elves, which sometimes sparked problems in the past. That is why he prefer being alone at times and reading. It wouldn't be unusual to find him somewhere on your shelf, studying through your books, if you only take a closer look

This handmade OOAK miniature is made out polymer clay, with addition of fibers for hair and cardboard and papers for books. Fin is little less than 10 cm high and is an unique miniature figurine, completely made from scratch



Jack and Friends
Here's one autumn scene for you. Jack is enjoying a day in the field, with his friends, raven, mouse and the grumpy mushroom Bob. ;)

This is done in mix of materials, polymer clay, air dry clay, sisal, wire, cardboard, fabric and acrylics. All handmade, from scratch. Raven and mouse can be positioned to liking, as well as corn, while Bob and pumpkins are fixed. Jack, of course is fully movable and can be positioned, though his built is peculiar. He is really a scarecrow, made out of sticks ;) Also, not visible here, but Jack's mouth and eyes faintly glow in the dark.

See the video:

Buy Jack:…


Do tell me what you think of it :)
This is a small painting I done just for fun, few days ago. It is really small, with canvas being 5x7 cm in size and it's just something I had at hand as a leftover, so it has a deep grain, unsuitable for this type of work. However, I still used it (lol, let's toss the decades long painting experience and knowledge aside, just because I wanted to paint some pumpkins without bothering to prep a new canvas *sigh*). Naturally, my camera picked it in detail, so made the grain looking even worse, heh. But, still... here it is ;)

Acrylics on canvas over board. Despite the flaws, I hope you like it ;)



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bookwormpupluv Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
You're an exceptional artist. You're the kind of illustrator and photographer I someday hope to be, and your miniatures are so beautifully detailed and just amazing. And your artisan crafts are beautifully done. I love your gallery!
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This is really impressive gallery :) <3
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Dragontrap Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
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How much would it cost for you to make a miniature of the book of darkness from the movie Army of Darkness?
Maylar Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Professional General Artist
I've just sent you an answer through the notes :)
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