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JFK assasination

By maykrender
hello again,

this is my entry on cgsociety event.

I've been awared in a best digital painting cathegory, preety cool :)

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Great artwork, love this concept, well done.

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sadly, this is the most realistic theory, she had the best motive of all of the people.
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Disgusting and low.
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I've always found it interesting that Oswald was killed before he could stand trial and that somehow Jack Ruby was allowed to get close enough to shoot him. 
Redtriangle's avatar
Art-wise, good.

Honestly, that's messed up. I'm not talking politics. The First Lady about to shoot the President, her husband, behind his back? Sound like a sick humor.
Irate-Gamer-vs-AVGN's avatar
honestly beleive this? yes she was powerful to shoot rifle bullet from pistol? wow unbeleivable cant beleive good drawing but the jfk murder probobly done by a columbian not an american ive talk at them there scary mofos
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this really makes me think.
LizzyChrome's avatar
This is really, really low. Someone with your talent shouldn't waste it on garbage like this. 
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I thought that was the Jewish lizard people. 
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People are saying this is a ''credible theory''

JFK was shot by a sniper , all the examinations prove so , It would have been a much bigger mess if he was shot by Jacklyn right next to him.

Plus the emotional trauma she went through was undeniable , all of you are total idiots
LizzyChrome's avatar
This. This picture is really tasteless and sick. 
Hiccaries's avatar
Indeed.... however we have both wasted our time on it.
Wii-Sports's avatar
> when it's only pixels.
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Yeah, she wasn't chasing his ear over the trunk after the kill shot or anything out of love and hysteria, the murderous cunt! :|
You kinda forgot the middle seats, but this was still my theory too, although not entirely convincing :D
czmartin's avatar
the middle seats is an another reality of the mandela effect
RafaeldeBono's avatar
It's great concept - the details don't have to be accurate, I love the way it provides us with a radical take. It's surprising for me; it doesn't need the bullets to match historical accuracy. You made me look twice and ponder, accurate or not. Thanks :)
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