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My Sleeping Cats series can be purchased via Redbubble. There are 8 available to be adopted. :3
You’re welcomed to meet them at my Sleeping Cats collection .
Thank you very much, Meow~

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Hello all~

It's been quite long time since the last time I open my DA. Things keep me pretty busy and especially 2015-2016 was pretty rough for me. I suffered from burnout which makes my anxiety went haywire and gave me some sort of mild depression.

But I've got some help.  My mental health is getting much better this year and I'm recovering pretty well. Still having weird thoughts some time and battled my anxiety all the time, but not as unbearable as the last year. And I've regained my passion and fun for drawing, which was lost for couple years before.

I'll try to post more often from now on and I hope I can be able to rolling around DeviantArt like before (even though maybe not as much as when I was younger ^^; )

By the way, I also open shop at Redbubble :…
I really appreciate if you could visit and look around.
You can also comissioned me at Artist&Client :…
Lately I enjoy food drawing, but I also accept other kind of comissioned work. :)

Oh, and lastly, please follow my IG : maygreen1985
Lately I post most of my work there. :d
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Hmm, I'm not really familiar with this commission bussines in DA, but if you need me to draw or illustrate for you, please contact me at :)

You can check my gallery or my website to see my works. I usually do :

- greeting cards
- fan art in manga or chibi style
- manual illustration
- digital illustration
- etc etc

Though I didn't accept hentai, yaoi, yuri, bdsm, beastiality, gore, and monsters. ^^;

The price range will depends on what kind of project you want me to do, and I received the payment from paypal. :)

Thank you very much. ^^
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After a long time, one of my major project has finally released. Javanese Folktales Tarot are now available, published by Adam McLean at his AlchemyWebsite.

Javanese Folktales Tarot are 22-series of illustrated Tarot cards, based with Javanese folktales and cultures as it's substances. I created with hope that they will be piece of art and culture from Indonesia.

For more information, click here :…
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Ini semacam website untuk majang portfolio dan menjadi jembatan antara para freelancer (yg pengen cari proyek sampingan jg boleh) dan klien. Masih baru banget buka dan biayanya masih gratisss~. Siapapun yang tertarik majang portfolio bisa tinggal sign up langsung. Nga ada ruginya dicoba, sapa tau aja dapet. ^^ adalah sebuah wadah jasa yang kami buat demi mempersatukan antara para freelancer dan perusahaan – perusahaan yang membutuhkan. Terutama bagi mahasiswa dan mahasiswi freshgraduate. Kami menerima para freshgraduate untuk ikut bergabung dalam web kami serta web itu akan di promosikan dalam perusahaan ke perusahaan serta masyarakat umum seperti halnya media massa, Koran, promotion items dan masih banyak lagi sehingga bagi perusahaan yang membutuhkan dapat memilih dengan bebas. membagi member - member kreatif kami ke dalam jenis - jenis bidang kreatif berikut ini :

Graphic Design




Web Design


Interior & Architecture

Product Design

Fashion & Beauty

Yep bidang kerja yang bisa ikutan luamayan variatif. Programmer juga bisa ikutan mejeng disini. Come n join. ^_^
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Dari ~Saskiye. :D

RULES - Pretty simple you just post 8 things you learned in the past year. After that you should tag 8 people.

I learned that...

1. Ngga ada kerja keras yang sia-sia.
2. Social Skill is a very very important skill.
3. Uang adalah benda yang sangat-sangat berharga...
4. I'm very blessed and appreciating what I have make me feels like the most happiest person in the world.
5. Menabung itu sangat penting untuk masa depan.
6. Credit card is evil!!!
7. Kesehatan itu nomor 1.
8. Olives are heavenly delicious... (although it still doesn't beat salmons in my heart ^^)

I tag :
- Felixs
- Scarlet Dragonchild
- Moet Moet
- Groovy Java
- Psycho Pau
- AkuCumaMemberSaja
- Councilor
- unded
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Setelah sekian lamaaaaaa akhirnya gw tahu penyebab internet gw selalu dudul dan susah buat upload. x_x Masih ada bbrp masalah internet tapi paling ngga sekarang dah bisa upload. So DA pun bisa gw pake dgn jauh lebih lancar. ;)

Website gw juga akhirnya dah selesai direnovasi. ^^ Kalau ada waktu silahkan main kesini juga :

I'll really appreciate that.

Setelah satu hal yang ingin gw lakukan sudah tercapai sekarang terhampar banyak hal lain di depan. Lagi bingung dengan masa depan dan pilihan. Waktu-waktu malam*cough*subuh*cough* gw banyak dipakai dengan berpikir ngalor ngidul dan bikin gw terbiasa tidur ketika matahari dah siap-siap terbit. Harus cepet memperbaiki kebiasaan tidur neh. --;

Well, semoga gw bisa cepat menemukan jawabannya dan memilih yang terbaik deh~
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Dapet tag yg gw dapet dari :iconfelixs:

1- Rate tens character you like, at least two weeks ago until now!

1. Chiaki Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile)
2. Shouhei's Honjou (Momoko's Manual)
3. Ash Lynx (Banana Fish)
4. Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
5. Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)
6. Natsume Hyuuga (Alice Academy)
7. Peter Petrelli (Heroes)
8. Kamui Shirou (X)
9. Kevin Fredward (The Duck of Mr. Fredward)
10. Otori Kyouya (Ouran High School)

1. Noda Megumi (Nodame Cantabile)
2. Kim Possible (Kim Possible)
3. Empress Liang (Cursed of Golden Flower)
4. Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran High School)
5. Sakura Mikan (Alice Academy)
6. Kinomoto Sakura (CCS)
7. Chii (Chobits)
8. Takamura Uru (Happy Cafe)
9. Alice Sakaguchi/Mokuren (Please Save My Earth)
10. Honda Tooru (Fruit Basket)

2- Rate 10 of your favourite games (Anime if you're not a gamer)!

1. Xenogears
2. Disgaea
3. Odin Sphere
4. Xenosaga series
5. Harvestmoon Series
6. Fatal Frame Series
7. Diner Dash Series
8. Valkyrie Profile Series
9. Atelier Iris Series
10. Metropolismania

3- Rate your favourite song!

1. Don't you know who I think I am? - Fall Out Boys
2. Best Days - Matt White
3. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
4. I called it Love - Lionel Richie
5. Misery - Good Charlote
6. Odin Sphere - Shanachie
7. Chronicle Keys - Ar Tonelico
8. Let It Rain - JoJo
9. The River - Good Charlote
10. Waltz - Honey n Clover

Kayaknya gw melupakan beberapa nama ato judul, tp yg gw inget sekarang kira2 ini. ^^;
Selanjutnya gw tag :iconnalshaykudu:
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