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This has been my most complex college project ever, for engineering HNC and IT'S FINALLY FINISHED :D (apologies for being excited about this ;) )

I thought I'd write up a bit of a summery, I'll start with a link to all the Project Woodturning Lathe stuff:…

Here are some of the points of note:

The most difficult single task was machining the pulleys:

Project woodturning lathe Part 2 Blueprint by MayGoldworthyProject woodturning lathe Pulleys by MayGoldworthy

The most useful task was fixing the quick-chance tool-post on the Colchester student MK2 lathe in the workshop, which I can continue using, here's the part I fixed it to make (the round spacers - part 16):
Project woodturning lathe Part 16 Drawing by MayGoldworthy

Project Woodturning Lathe Tool Rest Assembly by MayGoldworthy

and a video of using the working quick-chance tool-post:

It didn't finally feel like it was all coming together until I had mounted and tested the motor:

Project Woodturning Lathe Motor Mount Assembly by MayGoldworthy


This was the first electrical installation drawing I have ever made:


Project woodturning lathe Electric Layout Drawing by MayGoldworthy

And collage required the machine to be fully guarded and safe, with a guard switch:

Project Woodturning Lathe Guard Assembly by MayGoldworthy

Finally, Project Woodturning Lathe Finished:


Project Woodturning Lathe by MayGoldworthy

And Tested:


Note: I don't yet have any proper woodturning tools but at least this demonstrates that the lathe works ;) and I've run out of money so you'll have to wait a bit for project woodturning lathe creations :)

None of the above is normal DA material, so thank you all for accepting it, and for all your favs/comments

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Truly Amazing work Maygoldworthy! :) :nod: : )<>( :
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