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I make stuff, draw stuff and take photographs, there's not a lot more to say, and this account is just for fun :)

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Robots, Mortal Engines, LOTR, TH
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Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, ACDC
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The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, All of Discworld
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Anything I can get my grubby hand's on, even if I have to build it myself
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This (combined with my steampunk explorer kit) is one of the most complex costume projects I've attempted so I thought I should write a journal to explain some more stuff. I'll try to update this as the project progresses Also, this got so long I don't really expect anyone to read it, I won't be offended if you don't LOL :D Who is a Hobbit Bounder in Middle earth? For those of you who aren't familiar with the principle of a hobbit bounder, they're kinda a bit like rangers, except they go home to a nice warm hobbit hole at the end of each day, and a bit like police but they don't usually arrest people. It was there job during the war of the ring to protect the borders of the shire (which is a much bigger area of land than most realize) from any unsavory and trouble-making folk Project Hobbit Bounder, Aim: The aim of this project is the following: to create a relatively complete "book accurate" garb for a (Tolkien's) middle earth hobbit bounder during the time of the war of the
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This is Awesome :D @Shabazik
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A long overdue follow up on my PC build that all started with this: Where I wrote "I know sentimentality about stuff is stupid but, RIP old Computer :( " But I did keep the case so I guess I'm about to give you the story of how I used computer necromancy to resurrect my old machine =P Task 1 - was to wait patiently for stuff to come in the very slow UK postal service, I already had the CPU and everything else eventually arrived: Task 2 - to design the air flow, The old case only had one fan, two if you count the dodgy install on the side that I did when I was about 12, the slots in the side of the case were so small the only thing it did was move air around inside the case, here's what I decided on as an upgrade: it's important to have all the intakes on one side and extracts on the opposite side to avoid hot air being pulled straight back inside the case, this layout seems to work just fine, temperatures max out at 65 - 70 C at 97%CPU usage, well within ryzen's
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from what I remember you're taking part in the Bexverse contest: just a reminder-Goblins(don't know if you were planning on that) don't worship The Pantheon, they practice something like ancestor worship Given that Goblin spirits stick around after they die what Samwise called a "collective pillar of conciousness" it just makes sense why would you talk to distant gods when your ancestors are right there to talk to?

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