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Hey guys! I missed you all! I just got done with otakon vegas and boy, am I shot! It's okay though. I'll be posting more frequently on Deviant art, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! I am currently making a video game and have a few other projects in mind.  Please keep an eye out and enjoy!
I still drew. But most of it was jobs I forgot to snap pictures of.
I'm almost better. This sinus infection has me so messed up. Ontop of that Lux has to deal with tooth issues. Feel free to please ask for commissions. I could really use the monies. I'll be back to drawing tomorrow or the day after.
I got a bit of a cold from the convention, and I'm very drained. I'm going to take a few day break.
2015 was a rough year for me.  Caring for a baby, dealing with really personal stuff, a new job. There's a lot of stuff going on. And it doesn't help that I've been depressed. It's getting better, but it's still a struggle. I hope to all who still watch and view my stuff, that you can understand and continue to support me.

2016 will be full of content.
I might be able to get a job! So thatll help. But now ill just have to be concerned with making sure I have a babysitter. 
Seems like I'm only a few steps away from getting kicked out with my kid and my bf,   so while I'm gonna try to do this comic and try to draw, I can't guarantee I'll be able to do it much anymore. All I do is try my best, but I'm still just getting pushed further and further. I guess maybe some people would rather me be homeless. I'm so stressed and unhappy, I can't even write. 
Otakon went incredibly well for my first time at an artist table! I never thought I would have ever had such a great chance! I met lots of great people and thanks so much to all who made a purchase! And thanks to all who looked through my art and came here to see my art! 

Both fan art and original art sold, so I will try to make more fan art while making sure my oc's get love too! My personalized one of a kind business cards went so well, that I will do something similar next time I have a table! 

With all that being said, time for updates on my art. 
As you all may or may not know, I have a one year old. Its going to be tough to get everything done that I want to do, but I will be starting my comic in march, no matter what. 

I will also be drawing one full colored digital drawing for all 50+ oc's of mine. I'll also be doing lots of fan art. Mostly vocaloid and pokemon, but I will throw some other stuff in as well. 

Commissions are opened now. Anything done digitally will be 15-20 dollars. If you want some traditional stuff, message me and we will work out a price. 
Yeah.  Make sure you snap it if you see it!  I suppose I'll do a free drawing or whatnot. :3 
This is a story I wrote on facebook in like 2010 cause I was bored. 

Aqua man... Aqua man, Aqua man, Aqua man... I once knew Aqua man. He was a calm guy. Loved the ocean. Loved all the fish and dolphins in the sea. He seemed to be his happiest with all of his fishy buddies. But... One night, while he was practicing underwater ballet (He was about 17), he magically caused a waterspout. That same night, Sally, the one eyed three legged pigeon was flying over the sea on her way home to Albuquerque to see Weird Al in concert. She saw the waterspout, but being a pigeon, she had no idea what it was or what it would do to her. So she flew right into it. She plummeted into the water and to the sea floor. She landed right in front of Aqua man, who jumped in fear. He had never seen a pigeon before. Even though he didnt know what it was, he knew it had no place in the ocean. So he quickly swam up to the surface with the little feathery thing and lightly dropped her on a rock. She began to breath again and looked into his eyes. He went to pet her, and she bit him. He cried, "I saved you! Why dont you love me??" She then pooped on his head and flew off. That night, Aqua man cried. He cried for the love that could have been. He could see it in his dreams. His beautiful pigeon in a stunning wedding glove because dresses are too big. And himself in a glorious suit. The both of them as Mr. and Mrs. Aqua man. But no. It was never meant to be. Aqua man is a man of the sea, and as such, he cannot have a successful relationship with a bird, or any land animal for that matter. Except maybe amphibians... But they tend to be on the slimy side... And Aqua man hates slime. So Aqua man grew up remembering that pigeon... And the love that could have been. Sometime though, he remembers that the pigeon pooped on him, so every now and than he pees in the Justice League's drinking water.

I work just as hard as anyone else. Just like most people who draw digitally. Just because it is different does not mean its cheating. Anyone who thinks it is is either jealous or just a f****** baby who doesnt know how to shut up and go judge their own art. We who draw digitally take hours and hours as you do. But you know what? I dont have the money for all of your "special paper" and tools. So sorry im not a rich spoiled brat like you are. 
Im so glad that I get to end this year, and start the next one, with my new family that Ive had a part in creating. I may get really upset, depressed, and overreact to everything, but I do love these two. :iconarchanaon: has been amazing to me. And our baby is so cute, I really cant stay mad for too long. Well, maybe a bit more if im sleepy. But when shes a little older, Ill be okay. 

And my art? IDK. Ill draw eventually. Just not now. Ill work on writing and games when im not taking care of my baby or sleeping. 

Good luck to everyone in the new year. 
At the end of the year, Id usually draw something to sort of summarize the year for myself. I feel like this year, thats not possible. Why? Because this may have been a really good year, but it was a terrible year as well. This year has been rocky since day one. Id have one good day, followed by a week of bad days. And then the opposite. But I dont regret a single choice I made. Everything I did this year I did because I truly wanted to, not because I had to or was told to. I guess in a way, I grew up quite a bit this year. And yeah, I still obsess over pokemon, love to draw anime, and enjoy watching spongebob. Nothing wrong with still liking any of that. Its just a part of who I am, and I learned this year that no matter who it is, no one is worth me changing that part of myself. 

I know what im doing. I have a plan. 

But still, so much happened this year. I learned I had spent the last seven years working too hard on something that was never meant to last even that long. I learned that my best friend meant more to me than I realized. I moved more times than I like to think about, and almost gave up on parts of my family because of it. I learned though that its better to forgive..... And sometimes, it is better to just forget some things. I also learned that I raised the kindest, cutest (but most vocal) cat Ive ever known. Thanks to some of the things that happened this year, I learned alot of what I was doing wrong for the last few years and have since tried to begin to change those bad habits. Its working pretty well. I got the feeling that my time living in Nevada has just about reached its end, and its time to go back to NY, and truly feel like I am home again. I learned that morning sickness is a total bitch, and that sometimes crackers and water dont do a damn thing. 

I miss them. The way things were. I had so much fun. Waiting for everyone to be home at the end of the day. Having dinner together. watching the shows we'd watch. I cant wait to come visit again. Every time we leave, I wanna go back. And right now, I wish things could go back to what I had begun to consider normal. Ha. Us. Normal. Funny, right?

But I also cant wait to be back home. Back to NY. I miss everyone out there wayyyyyy too much. And I would also like to be able to go places and do things. Out here, all I have are casinos. EWW. 

I want to say I miss him, but we became so toxic to each other, its hard to miss someone who was only causing me to go crazy in the bad way. When I think about it, I end up asking myself how I let it go on that long? I dont think Ill ever come up with a clear answer. All I can say is that I hope things go at least okay for him. And I wish the next girl luck. 

Why would anyone try to change me or think im going to change? I understand that with a kid I wont have as much time for what may be deemed as childish to some people. But also understand that I am not you, and never will be. And theres more than one person being a hypocrite about this kind of thing. I love you guys, and I dont judge you for what you like, and I dont think a single thing needs to change about you, so try to see it the way I do, and accept who I am. The things that I like now, they are a part of me. You may think they are going to fade away, but they arent. I can tell. I dont bother with things that are just passing phases. IM SERIOUS ABOUT MY HOBBIES. :D

And my best friend..... I love you so much. It hurts me to see you unhappy. Thats why maybe sometimes I try just a bit too hard. XD I want you to be the happiest guy in the world. Which is why I try so hard. But for you, and only ever you, its been worth it. You dont know how happy It makes me to see you happy. I love being able to spend every day with you. And I look forward to the rest of them. And thank you. For everything.


This may not make complete sense, but I feel like I needed to say this all. Its really just me getting out everything I have been feeling about my art the last few years. And more importantly about the people. 

Yeah, things are happening in my life that are going to change it forever and give me less free time. But I cant stop doing the one thing I have always loved to do. Who gives a s*** if it isnt as good as anyone else? I have been drawing for years because I want to. Not because I need to. Not Because its my job. It isnt yet, and may never be. But its fun. And every time I draw, I make sure I learn something new. I make sure I try my best to understand the anatomy. I do what I want to do to learn at my own pace. I want to make it fun again, and keep it fun. For me. For my love. And I want to be able to look back, and to show this baby I've yet to have how much fun it was, and is, to have such a fun hobby/talent/job or whatever it will be called, or whatever you want to call it. And I want to show myself that after all those years of wanting to quit, after all those years of not having the support I needed from people who I thought I loved, that I can draw something amazing that was fun to draw. 

I need to stop forcing myself to try to do better than the level I'm at. Yeah, I can get better, but forcing myself the way I am and then telling myself it looks bad isnt helping me improve. Its just putting me down. And thats worse than being ignored by people I thought cared.
People who dismissed it soon after. Said, "oh, cool" and went onto "more important things". 
People who didnt want to care, didnt try to care. Not nearly enough. 
Speaking of which, I think its time for me to try to not forget those people, but to stop thinking about them. 
Because I have someone. 
I have my number one fan. 
Who cares so much. 
Who always tells me how great my art is. 
Who always wants me to do my best.
And also helps me when I need it. 
Pointing out the tiny flaws. And the larger ones, when I'm too oblivious to them. 
That person who sets their wallpaper to my newest art every single time, not just when its for that person. 

I always thought that I needed those people, when I never did. In fact, I needed them gone. And I was taken away from that terribly poisonous environment. But all of that is better left unsaid. I just hope that those people know that I dont miss them, and never will. Not what they became, anyway. 

But enough of them, more happy. 

Because I have some of the greatest things happening to me soon.  A child with the most amazing person ever who will also soon be my husband. X3 

But yeah. I think I'm done now. XD Thanks for listening if anyone did. If not, oh well. I did this for myself anyway! >:D 
I probably wont get back into much drawing for a year or so. I havent felt like drawing and once my baby is here, I just wont have the time for it. Ill still be favoriting and stuff, so i wont be gone. 
If anyone is interested, please message me. Ill draw just about whatever you want. Prices are negotiable, which is why I wont post prices.  
I now know how I wanna color. After several tests, I have figured out that the way I did the Musical May drawing is how I will be doing my art in the future. Its a bit more difficult, but to me, it looks better than what I have been doing. I am the person I have to impress the most, and I am pretty darn proud of Musical May. 

In other news, I am almost at 30 weeks now. November 27th needs to come sooner! But hopefully Rozy comes on time and not too early or anything like that. :P I've been really sleepy. And a few days ago, I woke up with my leg cramping up really bad. Its still sore, but its not cramping up anymore. 

At least its not my hand or wrist or arm. :D