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MLP Maud Pie Pocket Plush

I did it!  About time *wipes sweat from brow*
So, I've been meaning to make a pony pocket plush (same size/style as my mews) for quite some time.  Long story short, I had a long hard think the other night about maybe vending at a con or two next year and figured I needed a smaller/more affordable plush that could tag along with me by the bunches and would allow me to hold more different characters, as well as more individual plushes in general.  This little lady takes less than half of the time to make compared to a Baby Beanie, which makes her that much more fun and less stressful to sit down and do.  Who knows, maybe I'll actually complete a Mane Six set this time around *shrugs*

Per Usual:
6" long from hoof to hoof
Made from Silver and Lavender Shannon Cuddle 3 minky
Embroidered with Rayon thread
Stuffed with Polyester Fiberfill and weighted with Polyester Beads
All patters/embroideries belong to me (I do not distribute-so please don't ask)
Characters belong to Hasbro

So, the Pie family happens to sort of be my favorite dysfunctional troupe from the current MLP generation (as might have been made apparent by my surplus of Pinkie and Maud related plushes in my gallery) and I'm hoping I can sit down and make all of the siblings sometime as well to take some family photos-we'll see.

As far as potential con vending goes.  If I am able to vend next year (as in, if I don't get an internship out of state) I will more than likely be attending MLP-MSP (because I am native to MN and I have family in the cities-so no hotel fees).  If I do end up applying to vend I'll make sure to post some journals and whatnot on what I will be bringing along with me and where I'll be...hopefully I'll have enough free time to make a decent stock *fingers crossed*

This little lady is available on etsy: SOLD

I will be taking custom orders for pocket ponies (with no wait time/no commission list) but this will only include CANON characters.  I will also be taking pocket pony plush commissions during my 'hiatus' in the fall


Star! Commissions are COMPLICATED Star! 

* I have an open waiting list, but it is pretty full at the current moment
* Also, after this summer PLUSH commissions will be limited for the Fall semester (20 credits and two jobs is too time consuming)
* Sculpture commissions will remain open at that time

plushie commissions

clay sculpture commissions

* If you have any questions or would like a quote, please don't hesitate to ask!
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