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For the first time in ages, I'm opening up commissions;

Note: These prices are guidelines, depending on what exactly you want, the price can go up or down. If you have no preference I'll just shoot straight and create something like in the examples for you : )

Sketches; $10
Single character
Extra characters; $5 each

Pretty straight forward, looks something like these  

Full inks; $20
Single character
Extra characters; $10 each

Much more detailed and lush than the sketches, looks like these

Full colour; $40
Single character
Extra characters; $15 each

Done to the nines, lense flares and glow effects and everything, kinda like these

Special Orders; ???

If you have something very specific, big, small, detailed, or commercial in mind, please contact me for an estimate. Some special orders I've taken before

Email me at MayaN(DOT)Illustrator(AT)gmail(DOT)com if interested, paypal only and please provide references : )
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