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Selling Mikan (CLOSED)

Thu Nov 10, 2016, 6:55 AM

I don't really need her anymore, yet so many people have loved her ever since I've fisrtly drawn her.
And because so many people like her, I'd like to give her a better home, instead of leaving her in my gallery

SB: 100 points, min. increase is 50 p
AB: 750 (for purchasing AB you get: one shaded headshot like this & a non-shaded icon of your choice)

OWNER: ginger37 (AB)

- Please do not steal, trace, recolor her!

- Reply to the "BID HERE!" comment and always reply to the highest offer!
- All bids are final! Please make sure to think twice if you really want to spend the points on her
 (and please give me a good reason if you're in an emergency and can't afford her!)
- You may change some details and adjust her as you wish!

- I do not do holds!

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Icon commissions! (Waiting list OPEN)

Mon Oct 31, 2016, 11:27 AM

Type #1:

- smile icon -
Sparkly Eyes by MayDeeDraws MayDeeDraws by MayDeeDraws Gifty for Bea bab by MayDeeDraws
A 10 frame icon of your character smiling, crying, yelling, etc...
I can do ponies & humans
And it costs about 100-300 p/ 1-3 € (depending on complexity)
+50 points for additional effects like sparkles, bubbles, hearts
+75 points for additional flower crowns

Type #2:

- Ear twitch icon -
Pony Icon by MayDeeDraws
Can blink, move ears and has a small background of your choice on the lower half of the icon
I can only do ponies for this one
And it costs about 100-250 p/ 1-2,50€ (depending on complexity)
+100 points for additional body parts bobbing around

Type #3:

- Peace Sign Icon -
Peace Sign Icon by MayDeeDraws
A rather simple icon. 
Only humans for this one
And it costs about 100-200 p/ 1-2€ (depending on complexity)
+50 points for additional effects like sparkles, bubbles, hearts

Fill out the form and post in your comment:

Character reference + Name:
Points or PayPal:

1. ThePralin | paid
2. Kawaii-Weeb | paid
3. O-bscuritea | paid |
4. Aegissu | paid | 90% done
5. StarBaine | paid | 25% done

EDIT: decided to add a few more slots
Waiting list:

Rules + link to ToS here 

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Art Trades?

Thu Sep 29, 2016, 8:50 AM
Is anyone up for an Art Trade?

This time I'm looking for some non-pony art since I'd like to expand the gallery folder on for
of one of my human characters

My part is gonna look like this:
Hearts and random anatomy practices again by MayDeeDraws
//Thank you so much for 2k Watchers!!// by MayDeeDraws more aya qvq by MayDeeDraws
Soft to complex shading and a simple background of your choice

I'm terribly sorry that I probably won't be able to pick everyone
that comments since I don't have time for too many
(not necessarily first come first serve principle)

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Hi again

Sat Jul 16, 2016, 9:54 AM
Sorry for my absence recently
I've been kind of busy with school but now I'm back since this term ends in 2 weeks
and from then forward I can draw as much as I want to for the next 6 weeks

I may or may not tend to doing commissions again?
I don't know yet. Right now I don't really feel like doing them

I had to delete my deviation messages again cuz they were literally exploding ;;

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Sorry for the delay but some of you might have realized that I was a little gone for the past few weeks
I've been extremely busy during the time of my absence
But I finished everything that had to be done more or less 

(I had to delete all my deviations because my messages box is literally spammed, sorry)

Also, please check out the amazing raffle by my dear friend caffeekat 
~501 watchers raffle! Thank you so much! (open)~
Just like the title says, sorry

I've considered taking down all my bases long time ago
But now I've decided to take them down for good
It's been a great time seeing that so many people enjoyed my bases but still... ^^

Here's the reason:
My art style has changed enormously, so did my taste in art. That's why I'd like to move on with some real art which I personally like. I've lost interest in making bases, so I decided to take down all my bases since I hardly make more

I'm sorry to all those who liked my bases.

- Of course you can still use them if you have some of them saved on your computer (As long as the rules are followed)
- The only Bases which will remain are Icon and P2U bases
- The used Bases folder in my favorities will remain as well
I need some points again!

NEW Commission Info and PRICES *CLOSED* Please note me for Commissions 
▶ 100 points = 1 USD 
tick For now I only draw Humans, Ponies, Humanoids 
Arrow left First come, first serve principle
Arrow left I have the right to reject your commission if I feel uncomfortable with it
Arrow left I don't do refunds when I'm already halfway done
   (I can only take changes if you contact me before I started)
Arrow left I don't draw mecha, fetish art or extreme violence
 Updated the commission journal!
Sorry about the prices, it takes me a long time to edit, draw, detail and shade my art

Slot 1: Chayka22 (Paid and submitted)
Slot 2: T4L1-N7 (Paid and Sketching)
Slot 3: eggceIIent (Paid and not started)
- Please read the rules first! Thank you ♥
- First come, first serve principle…

Idea from OwlliesPonies 
Enjoy~ <3
Merry Christmas everyone <33

I think I have time for more art now but I cannot promise any commissions, gifts etc. just yet
A lot of things happened during the time I was gone. I need some time to chill uvu

I'd rather say it's a halfway hiatus since I might not be present from time to time.... but eh, everything's alright right now so it should be fine uwu

Confession Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2015, 5:36 AM

Tagged by :iconsilent-galaxies: <3

((I forgot about this one))


1. Post the rules

2. Confess seven shameful, funny, or even unexpected things you do on DeviantArt

3. Tag seven people to do the same


Number Uno: I'm extremely slow and bad at replying to comments ._.

On the second day of Christmas: *looks at 5,130 points* "Omg, I need to save points" *draws a bunch of adoptables* "A bit better now..."

Ye, I know I'm too paranoid to spend them on things o.o

Three 3 free: I hated my art style in the past

Four is an open door: I don't want to share my skype, etc. >.>

This might sound crazy but it ain't no lie, baby, 5, 5, 5: Talking to strangers (outside deviantart) makes me nervous af ;; (that's why I don't tell anyone my skype name)

The Devil's number: I feel guilty when people draw me gifts and I don't draw them something in return ._.

God's number: I rarely post journals about my everyday life

Eight 8 ate: I often forget things, because it's kinda hard to deal with art thieves or draw things for my watchers when you're busy with school at the same time ^^""

Why was 6 afraid of 7? 'Cuz seven eight 9: I'm kind of a "favourites watcher" I comment rarely, but instead I +fav A LOT

Ben 10: I'm surprised so many people call me by my real name XDD

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Raffle Winners found!

Tue Oct 20, 2015, 9:12 AM
I used to generate 15 random numbers and here are the results:

1 by MayDeeDraws  #19~ Pastel-Pony-Artist with Rosemary Shadow (Done)

2 by MayDeeDraws #26~ samanthiee with Ellie Charpentier (Done)

3 by MayDeeDraws #23~ night-shadow7 with Candy Crush (Done)

4 by MayDeeDraws #6~ Gamergal21 with Minxie Media (Done)

5 by MayDeeDraws #28~ StrongWingsOfPride with Page Pulse (Done)

6 by MayDeeDraws #13~ TroyJr24 with Vanilla Charm (Done)

7 by MayDeeDraws #11~ junetheicecat with Lightning Blitz Cloud

8 by MayDeeDraws #20~ iSketchy13 with Star Dreams (Done)

9 by MayDeeDraws #14~ SeriusPonyIsSerius1 with Alice (Done)

10 by MayDeeDraws #8~ Kikabea10 with Bea

11 by MayDeeDraws #22~ r0lling with Crystal Ember

12 by MayDeeDraws #2~ sparkleysunshine8 with Magic Brush

13 by MayDeeDraws #5~ lumiinarie-stars with Cold Stronghold

14 by MayDeeDraws #18~ MythicalSpirits with Tuana

15 by MayDeeDraws#3~ caffeekat with Bia 

Congrats~ <33

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  • Drinking: Water

[Closed! No more Entries will be accepted!]

EDIT: I'm gonna update this everyday to make sure noone forgets about it uwu

Hey guys~

I DID IT!! I finally reached 1,100!!~
I still can't believe it! Q U Q

How?! How come I get so many watcher? I'm just a random person

Okay! I was thinking of holding some kind of raffle for you guys! 
I planned to draw a big, shaded picture with your Ocs/Ponysonas on it as token of my appreciation~ <3

Important Note: No, I will not choose my friends intentionally, I want to give everyone a chance

How to join:

Arrow left You must be a watcher of mine
Arrow left Favorite this journal
Arrow left Please share this by posting a poll/journal and leave a link to it
Arrow left Link me your Oc/Ponysona (only one Ponysona or Oc pls) and tell me their name as well please


Arrow left Please do not unwatch me afterwards!
Arrow left Please do not complain if you lost!
Arrow left Add everything, that is required in your comment please!
Arrow left Please do not try to troll me! I'll check if you entered fairly
Arrow left No spam/hate talk/ comment fights please!
Arrow left Enter only if you have an Oc/Ponysona!

I will check if you did everything right


Arrow left No stolen/recolored Ocs/Ponysonas please!
Arrow left Any species is allowed such as Dreamsonas, Sicksonas, etc.

How this works:

- When you post your comment with all the info I need, I will give you a number (depending on how many people enter)
- After 2 days I will use a random generator to pick out a few people 
  (depends on how many people enter, but definaltely less than the amount of people, who joined)
- The winners will be notified and featured here and their Oc is going to be on the picture


~1: Burgerchi[link]

~2: sparkleysunshine8[link]

~3: caffeekat[link]

~4: CapistranoTheGreat[link]

~5: lumiinarie-stars[link]

~6: Gamergal21[link]

~7: x-VanillaCoke-x - [link]

~8: Kikabea10 - [link]

~9: whiteloveparty[link]

~10: Airashidesu-Kotton[link]

~11: junetheicecat - [link]

~12: Osieu[link]

~13: TroyJr24[link]

~14: SeriusPonyIsSerius1[link]

~15: MissGingerie[link]

~16: S-trawBerrieLicious[link]

~17: FIoweress[link]

~18: MythicalSpirits - [link]

~19: Pastel-Pony-Artist - [link]

~20: iSketchy13 - [link]

~21: artiermis - [link]

~22: r0lling - [link]

~23: night-shadow7 - [link]

~24: Twilightthelion - [link]

~25: MissArendelle - [link]

~26: samanthiee - [link]

~27: Hipster-Pony - [link]

~28: StrongWingsOfPride - [link]

~29: Pixxiepuff - [link]

~30: YAG0K0R0 - [link]

Regarding the Thank-you picture:

It's going to be a surprise > u °

But all I can say is, that I won't be using a base for it owo



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They're claiming my ponysona as theirs 
[link] [link] [link]
One of my old Ocs - Vanilla Sugar…
EDIT: They took down all of the stolen art (I think?)
EDIT: They took down all of the stolen art (I think?)
EDIT: I think their account is finally taken down uwu
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The MLP:FIM Basemaker Community

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 4:01 AM

Here's a list with all the basemakers I could find on DeviantART
Feel free to use this journal whenever you need new bases! <3

Please comment if I forgot a basemaker! Thank you!


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