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At the moment, I TAKE REQUESTS. There are, however, a number of conditions:
- I am not OBLIGED to draw what you ask for despite the fact that I might draw someone else's request: if I don't like the theme, or don't feel like I might succeed, I won't do it.
- You will still have to ask permission from me to use it, and you may not claim it as your own.
- You can recommend whichever groups you want me to post the image in, but so can I.
- I am not obliged to tell you whether or not I will do your request: if I do, I do. This is simply because I don't want to get someone's hopes up and not end up completing it.
- I may or may not play around with any specific ideas: you are free to suggest them, but I still have my artistic freedom. xD
- Don't be shy: request whatever and whenever you want! It's a good excuse for me to post stuff: as earlier mentioned, I am incredibly lacking in self-motivation.
- I'm open to collabs and art trades, too.
- Finally.... Don't take me too seriously; it might kill you. :icontrololoplz:


Those are all that I can think of at the moment. They may be a bit blunt, but I just wanna try and clarify as much as possible so that no one is unsatisfied later on. Remember, you're not paying for it. I will soon get the tablet back, and will be even more open to requests as an excuse to dabble in digital art/colouring.
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Submitted on
February 25, 2011