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[DL] JBF / Romeo and Cinderella [Double Download]

WHOA ! So these are coming out of no where ! 
Normally I'm more organized with theses things, but I realized that YYB will be releasing a new Luka pretty soon. 
I figured I should release this Luka before She becomes completely irrelevant face-edit-wise.
So I figured I'd go ahead and give her out before that happens.
Miku is a bonus ! I just really like her, and I'm excited to give her out.

You can download the models here ! 
YYB Just Be Friends Luka
YYB Romeo and Cinderella Miku
Please read the readme file for the password ! 
(And please.. actually read the readme. Don't just skim it for a password. Don't be an ass.)
You can see a preview video of them here ! 
Just Be Friends
Romeo and Cinderella
Stages :  mitsuran5, Dan1024, Sega
effects : BeammanP, Ikno
Updates : 

<2/3/2019>: I updated an bug in JBF luka where I had her flowers rigged to her hair !!! Turns out, when you clean a model and delete a bunch of bones, you outta check the rigging and make sure you didn't mess it up... c,:

<5/17/2019>: Updated Miku's motherbone. It was there, the center bone just didn't follow it. 
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I would like to borrow this.

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DLed before and finally got to use them here
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Thank you for using them !!
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No problem! Thank you for making such great models!

Its always nice working with your models ;D

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DLed! I'm not sure if anyone informed you but luka's flower... is.. acting weird. one part is sticking out and flopping around? I dont know how to phrase it lol

siesie74's avatar
Miku doesn't have a proper parent bone to be able to move it around
gHikari's avatar
oh my god thank u i will now die in peace
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Not sure if you're aware, but the flowercrown on Luka isn't rigged to her head properly, it's actually rigged to the top left-most set of hair bones. BackHair6.1, I believe!
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Thanks for letting me know !!! Someone had noted me about it last night, but I didn't get a chance to fix her until just now.
She should be fixed now though !! 
Yamimori's avatar
Alrighty! Thank you so much :D
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hecc ye when u come back from holiday to a mayday download
maydayfireball's avatar
I aim to please !!!!
We can just pretend this was a late holiday gift. c,:
kawaiikitty98's avatar
hecc yes uwu
u do indeed please hehe
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where can i download the motion data for romeo and cinderella
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go to Seto's youtube channel and you'll find it, It has the facials, normal motion and camera as well!

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