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I've had this dumb thing in my head since we got our first look at Tempest Shadow the Edgehorse. I've been sitting on it all year because I'm shy and also horribly lazy, but I was determined to get it done in time for the movie's release.

If someone's already done this, 1: dangit, and 2: I love you.

And if you don't get the reference:


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Dang bruh. Awesome, well-made, cute and hilarious!
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I think this might be a ship i could get behind
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*Giggles* So much edge.
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She so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!
Haha nice!
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if Tempest was a princess, do you think she would be the princess of Edginess X3
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Tempest is just like "what the hell" XD
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Lol! Her expression says it all! :lol: :+fav:
Just need a third frame where Tempest turns, saying "That can be arranged" and her horn starts sparking.
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Pssst...Sombra, you have already died, you dunce.
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sombrest confirmed
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How neat! I can now imagine the ships between the two...
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Edgy just like a hedgy?
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