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You've Been Brainwashed | Liam O'Neal


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never got out of the Beacon


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Mother Miranda 21


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[MMD] Unleashed Stage Pack Download


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Fly with me, sister (Trials of Mana fanart)


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Resident Evil 3 Remake vehicle Pack


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Noctis Lucis Caelum


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You've Been Brainwashed | Liam O'Neal

The Evil Within

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Cloud x Aerith

Final Fantasy Series

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Saori Kido


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I... I made it...


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[Resident Evil 6] Finger Heart - Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil series

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Sherry x Jake 2

RE Couples

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Devil may cry four season poster summer for V


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I dont deal with monkey.


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Montly Feature - Sokai

Hey ya'll, and welcome to another monthly feature! It is still February, and thus this feature isn't late at all. xD This month, we'll be looking at art of the romantic pairing of Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. ^^ This will contain some spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III, so beware if you haven't played/finished the game yet! Thanks to these incredible artists! Please continue to make amazing artwork for us to view. :3

Features from artists

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! Neon Tifa Front !

3D Art

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Hong Kong Lights

Digital Art

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Traditional Art

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Mansion - Bedroom Rosalina


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Red Eastern Screech Owl

Nature and Animals

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Ethan Winters cosplay


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View Of The Ocean


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Arabian night 01


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Marilyn Monroe doll - custom repaint by Noel Cruz


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MMD to Blender 2.80 Tutorial


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XPS tools 2.0.2 (for Blender 2.80+)

New version of the addon for blender 2.8x. Whats new? The new version of XNA Posing Studio 11.8.9 introduces a new file format that supports more than 4 weights per vertex. So this version of the addon adds support to import/export these new version. The file formats are: XPS v3: Support more than 4 weights per vertex XPS v2: 4 weights per vertex limit. The other new thing is a new node group, "XPS Shader". This node group is used to export material textures into the XPS model. No more white models in XPS!!!! Enjoy ===========================


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Zhen Ji CG render 01


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You Are My Sister - A Resident Evil Short

Claire Redfield’s Residence Park Street, Washington, DC 5/14/2010, 6:43 PM EST There it is!  Sherry was near giddy with excitement as soon as Claire’s house came into view. The anticipation for tonight had been building all week. The work day was finally over, the weekend was here, and now it was time for her to enjoy this special evening. Not only did this mark her very first visit to Claire’s home, but it also held another important meaning. Today was her birthday, and she would be spending it with her best friend! What more could she possibly ask for? Turning into the driveway, Sherry brought her vehicle to a stop behi


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.:: Blender Cycles Skin Shader NOW AVAILABLE::.


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'Gyakuten Saiban' Yahari's doodles 1 remastered

Manga and Anime

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100 Flavors Challenge

Rules 1. Copy these rules, and the List, into your journal so people can see that you are in the challenge. When you have done one of the flavor themes you can put a link to your deviation right next to the flavor so everyone can see which themes you have done. 2. You can interpret the themes how ever you want. 3. You don't have to draw if you don't want to. It can be photographs, poetry, stories, crafts or whatever you want, as long as it's made by you. If you do photomanipulations using art made by others you need to have permission and give proper credit of course. 4. One flavor theme for every picture/photo/whatever. 5. They can be done


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