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Silent Night
Riding the lights a gold car holds two girls inside
But thinking
All the time
Eyes so green they stab me throughout the night
Running tips of fingers through hair
Violet divine
The same ones that wipe away tears spent on chapters before
Let me kiss away the pain
One river at a time
I will never ask you to be mine
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0
When you become someone's trash
It's hard to see yourself as much else
You were thrown away
Then collected by people who are just doing their job
You see life as a dumpster in which you reside
That's when you realize
Why people burn trash
At least then the trash will be reduced to ashes
That can fly on
To who knows where
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 1
beauty is ugly
I cannot see you
Your masks hide you
I want to see what's underneath
The shine
and contour
The rouge
and mud
I cannot see your freckles,
the way they dance upon your face
I cannot see your moon shaped smile,
the way it lights up my night
I cannot see the angel wings,
the ones that dust your checks when you blink your
I cannot see the light arches,
the ones to the windows of your soul
I cannot see you
I cannot see your beauty
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0
Millions Pain
All I can do
Is stuff more letters
Into my fraying
I feel their pain
The pain of a million
Crying out
I cannot console
For I am far away
I cannot pray
For God does not exist
for me
I cannot fight
And clamor
For my own heart
As a stone
Holding me
All I can do
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 1 0
I have demons
They come back to haunt me
Around and around
One after the other
A never ending circle
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0
Forever Girl by MayaAngelDay Forever Girl :iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 7 1
Sad Dream
I'm sorry
That my pen no longer creates your galaxies
Gliding across the paper
Every dip and swirl hope for another
Experience of passion
Are my eyes passionless
Do my lips drip with dread
I still record these passing dreams
Are you sure you want to see?
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0
She's Becoming
I call out,
'I'm not afraid of you'
In fact,
I welcome her with open arms
If only she would get off that grey cement wall she's
perched on,
her bruised legs swinging off the side
She's small
Smaller than I expected
A thin white stick in between her lips
Drawing attention from her hazy figure
I laugh
Death would be smoking a cigarette
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 5 0
The beat of your heart against mine
Coming together
In tune with one another
The one girl I've had that with
Lying together
Blonde mixing with strawberry
Knowing that it was right
To just let go
We had each other
And that was enough
In the silence of the night
We held each other
Beneath the light of the moon
We made love
It was not fucking
We became a part of each other
And even if she dosent know
I left her with a piece of me
Even if she hates me now
There will always be a part of me
Loving her
I'll tell stories about you
Because I will never forget you
My first love
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 2 1
Tiger Run
Wanting to show you me
Exposing the rawness
That I am
I am a woman
With beat and thrum shoved up under my skin
The milkiness of my complexion is nothing compared to what is beneath
The outside may appear weak
But if you look close
You can see the blue tigers running through my veins
Feel my claws against your skin
I want to show you where I've been hurt
Where all the ache and tenderness is
I want you to see me
For the no longer battered
But fighting being
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 1 0
Unknown To You
You'll never read this
Because I'm not going to pull you into the cage that is my heart
I love you
I'll never let you know how much
Because I can't let you hold on when I leave
I'm going to have to cry through the nights with hollow eyes alone
I won't hold you in the jaws that are me
You're free and beautiful
And you know you'll never willingly let yourself be crushed
So you'll never read this
You'll never know how much I hurt
And how much I think
And how much you mean.
You'll remember me as your first.
Awkward adolescent
Who wanted to escape the world
She was messed up
A little unstable
Why do I always like the girls who hurt the most
Who hurt me the most
You'll never know this
Because you'll never read this
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 3 0
Tear Me
I became broken when you forced your way in
You didn't ask politely
No you didn't even ask
I was me
I was free
And you've broken my godamn wings
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0
Find You in Me
Find you in me
Find you in the chocolate on the walls of my bedridden heart
Find you in the leaves that stick to the eaves of my windows
Find you through the dip of truth in the whisper of my eyelashes
Find you in the sunbeams through my eyes
Find you
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0
Black Bones
I'm dry of blood sweat cum tears
There's nothing between me and you
But the papery thin of my skin
Dyed by the black ink of a thousand unsaid words
Pierced by the toothpicks lodged in my bones
You pull them out one by one
Hoping to heal the holes
Instead, piercing yourself
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 1 1
For You
If I die
Before my time
I will become a star
in the night sky
For you to gaze upon.
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 1 3
A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, Anxiety
A-N-X-I-E-T-Y. Anxiety
Anxiety is really hoping that I didn't just misspell that word
Anxiety is running precisely 5 circles  around the block before attempting to text that cutie, 5 being my lucky number of course
Anxiety is having a lucky number that I use FOR EVERYTHING.
Anxiety is... Hoping that person that just walked in the bathroom doesn't ask if I'm ok, because of the tears running down my face.
Anxiety is not going to the dance so that no one will ask who I'm with, seeing that as usual, I'm alone.
Anxiety is hiding from the world, so that no one can judge me but myself
Anxiety is... Freaking out until I just let go, letting the wings on my back open up
You know what anxiety?
You are NOT going out on the roof and painting it every shade of purple, you are not volunteering, trying to get other kids up, you are not speaking up to that nun who just tried to run you over, and you are most definitely not taking a chance and leaning in for that very first kiss.
:iconmayaangelday:MayaAngelDay 0 0


Wild Flowers by daisymaydrawings Wild Flowers :icondaisymaydrawings:daisymaydrawings 1 0
It's dark
Smoke envelops sight
Your voice rings in the air
Like a tune in comparison to the foggy abyss of myself
Compassion was ridiculous
Cigarettes were sinful
But your presence
It enforces me
To believe
That there is something more
Beyond what I am seeing
:iconhannaharchambeau:hannaharchambeau 1 0
Your could be disguised as anything,
hidden anywhere.
It could be at the highest mountain or the deepest cavern.
Or even right there inside of you.
Wether you discover it or not it will always be there.
Waiting to be found.
:iconriversundanceday:RiverSundanceDay 2 0
driving into the sunset by Kori20 driving into the sunset :iconkori20:Kori20 3 0
Dear Someone, Sincerely No One
Dear Someone,
You probably don't know who I am.
That's okay.
Just know I'm a grain of sand underneath your feet.
You know me, dear Someone.
I'm that person that wishes too much; that dreams too big.
I'm that person who says she hates this and that, when in reality, the thing I hate is myself for caring about you too much.
Perhaps you know me better as No One.
Now do you remember?
That student you gave up on?
That friend that would give you the moon and the stars if she could?
That shivering creature huddled in the dark that you ignored like the plague in December?
Yup... That's me.
Dear Someone,
I do not wish for your guilt; your shame.
I don't want you to say you're sorry or pray for forgiveness to whatever God you have.
I want you to realize that our heart beats are the same, even if I am filth compared to you.
I know you have better things to do than listen to an old stair or the crackling of a dead leaf.
I know I am nothing but an annoying crow to you.
I know... I know... I am noth
:iconkitsunekihoshi:KitsuneKihoshi 4 10
Wanderlust by daisymaydrawings Wanderlust :icondaisymaydrawings:daisymaydrawings 2 0
7. Introduction
I'm glad you're here.
Now please ignore the bear
and sit on this chair.
Let's start this introduction.
My name is Pierre
And I'm the one here,
just so we're clear.
A book is a lovely little thing,
so pristine.
It is just heavily desecrated
by the hard,
They're words,
and the words are what you want.
Not the lovely white page,
(even though it took more
lives to make.)
This book will be made of poems,
some good,
some old,
there's one so utterly mad,
it will shake you to your bones.
My time is almost up,
I'm sure you can tell
by the clock on the wall,
right next to the bear.
So dive right in
and submerge yourself
in this little book of poems,
and who knows what else.
:iconsafika987:safika987 2 5
The ocean of pearls
Does not compare to you.
The garden of plenty
Does not compare to you.
The sunset of pinks and corals
Does not compare to you.
The courage in your eyes
Can make the strongest warrior
Fall to his knees.
You can strike down
The scholar with the most wisdom
With your zeal and insight.
You cannot be hurt.
You cannot be touched.
You cannot be killed.
:iconinkedwords:InkedWords 3 4
Dont wanna wait for permission
wanna live forever
here it comes
once again
and here I go
dieing for the experince
Living for my dream
trying to compress it all in
but why should I be
the only one
All my flaws
im digging them out
im turning myself
inside out
And im not letting this
hole on my soul
be the only void
ill search forever
to find me
There are love letters
all around
are you really
paying attention
If your still
and you honestly
listen you will
be guided
By the sun
by all of the voices
and all of the faces
By all the souls
who still roam
from a differant realm
there watching and there listening
So pay attention
and you might
just end up
where you've wanted to be
Just listen
and you just may
not end up
like a zombie
like the rest
Ay with your inner
child and always be free
:iconangelfallen89:Angelfallen89 2 0
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