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Great idea but here's some tips for your future projects (take it or leave it):

- The center of interest shouldn't be the girl but the gigantic tentacles wrecking the ship in the background, I feel like it didn't look as good as you wish and you decided to blur it out so it look "ok", if it wasn't the case, I suggest to not blur 90% of your composition but only some repeated details.

- I know art is about creating your own world but sometimes you gotta keep some sense in your composition, the whole pirate/ship/sorceress(mermaid)/tentacles thing is great but the lighthouse doesn't fit, it creates a conflict between two eras, it's like putting a pair of Beats by Dre on the girl's head.

- Last tip, correct me if I'm wrong but nothing besides my common sense makes me thing she control the tentacles, she has no details that relates her to the tentacles or makes me thing she is that powerful like for example she could have seaweed hanging from her arms, a crown made of shells, a pearl necklace and she could even be holding a trident.

I hope you take this in a very constructive way, this is nothing but a fellow artist giving tips to someone who I think has a great potential.

Take it easy.
Peace :)
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This! This is the type of comments I want to get! "Nice" is good, but that's what I need!

1. You think so? My point was to concentrate on the girl as she was kind of walking from the water but the more I look at it the more I get your point and that could look good.
2. Yup, wasn't sure about that either, and actually the lighthouse was the last thing I added and then I wasn't sure if it fits, but I decided to leave it, turns out that was bad decision.
3. I made it way too fast, and I didn't put enough work and effort into it, should've just leave it for a while and then come back after some time with fresh ideas instead of putting in on dA, because now I can think of many new things I could add! Seaweed, crown, necklace, trident? That would be great, I still have problems with adding details to my work, I need to work on it :/ 

That's a great comment and I'm really thankful for that, thank you so much!

ps. can you recommend me some good, active PM dA groups? Where I can get more comments like this? I'm tired of "nice", "good" and other simple comments (or none) :D 

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I'm so glad about your reaction :P as for the PM group I don't know any that let people critic your work and I'm glad I don't because honestly I don't one any newbie telling me what's wrong with my artworks because I won't get anything out of it (It may sound pretentious but I consider myself being on a different level than most people on here).

As for making artworks too fast I know exactly what you mean because every time I come home from work and start doing a PM, there's always this moment where it start to look so good that I get excited and rush it so I can upload on DA as soon as possible. If you look at my artwork, the average time for each of them is between 4-7 hours which is pretty fast considering the result.

I've been inactive for a while but a friend of mine asked me for a background image when he's not streaming on Twitch so I guess shit is about to go down.

I have no problem assisting you if you wanna take your PM on another level. Feel free to friend me or message me if you have questions about certain techniques.

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About that being on a different level than most people on here - I was always afraid to say that, because I didn't want people to think I'm being pretentious and cocky, but I'm with you on this one :D

I know, right? I'm like "oh shit this looks goooood, I better upload right now" and then few hours later I see what's wrong and what I could add to it, but it's too late.
I'm working pretty fast too, but you know what I'm using for my excuse? "I'm enough skilled to work fast and get good results" :D 

I wanted to start doing something for someone but as soon as I got an offer I'm losing interest and creativity. Most of my works were done only because I was bored, seriously. 

Sure bro, it's good to finally talk with someone here that is not only good and skilled, but also a normal human being, cool n shit yaknow. 
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I usually don't do stuff for other people because PM is more about finding the right stock photos that fits together but my friend wants something that is very close to what I'm doing most of the time so it's gonna be easy. I started working on it last night and it's gonna be insane haha
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You gonna upload here? :D if not I'd really like to see it :D 
I do album covers from time to time for my friends 
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I upload pretty much everything on DA so yeah
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Ok cool, can't wait to see it :D
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