Thank you everybody who watched to my page.

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~Thank you everybody who watched to my page.~

My favourites Artist
:iconaxelmedellin:  :iconkuebulan:  :iconryusukehamamoto:  :iconhikari-chan:  :iconnorli:  :iconkaze-hime:  :iconkidchan:
:icongetty:  :icontoi-chan:  :iconvampirneko:  :iconzeiva:  :icongenzoman:  :iconshizero:   :iconplusnine:

My friends
:iconzande:  :iconz4kn4f31n:  :iconvampirekat22:  :iconchineseclover:  :iconemirare:  :iconvisionvelocity:  :iconmellytwo8:
:iconmopal:  :iconthemebi:  :iconcheeka-pyo:  :icon7th-vince:  :iconmisaki-chi:  :iconpixelbudah:  :iconkaokun:
:iconyaylitambur:  :iconim-steelangel:  :iconken1171:  :iconsenseikyo:  :iconminray:  :iconraven-of-death:  :iconshimafox:
:iconlotusdatasept:  :iconruskul:  :iconemberkhavi:  :icondeikin:  :iconautumndark:  :iconbastsu:
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masumi-sayo's avatar
i love your art, and i hope your staying :hug: you are one of my favorite artists, and would hate to see you leave.

hope you have happy holidays, and a happy new year ^^
Ni14's avatar
wait ur leaving :cries:
Ninjacatmuffin's avatar
You're welcome. ^^
trucha101's avatar
its cool your staying it would suck if you left keep up the cool pics
mangaviciada23's avatar
you deserve it -^^-
VauxhaulAstra's avatar
You are welcome!
Do you have a website?
maxwindy's avatar
Oh i'm not have this.
chibi-jay's avatar
I just added you, I like your art
7th-Vince's avatar
omg!! i'm in your list!!! X3
i'm honoureddd! thank youuuuu X3
Neodozer's avatar
Me= love your art
Can't.... stop.... watching....:pc:

Kaze-Hime's avatar
XD can't believe i'm on your list!!...*honoured*
rufiyaarose's avatar
Yes~ I love your art work very much n_n....
Im one of your fans anyway >_<""
Stelthman's avatar
:) You are most welcom. Your work are great.
Ruskul's avatar
who could resist... you pump out one great peice after another
ken1171's avatar
I love your work, keep it up! :hug:
speckles-cosplay's avatar
You are like totally welcome! :P
ME lubs your art :D
BlackKnight911's avatar
first impression: ur leaving DA D:
after reading the replies: im stupid :O_o:
K-S-O's avatar
Well, of course we'd watch you. You have good art!
HitokiriPineapple's avatar
Your welcome the GREAT MASTER WINDY!!! :worship:
ai5u's avatar
ahh you're welcome! your art is sooo totally awesome! :3
remembarrdeath's avatar
oh i'll definately watch u cuz i LUVLUVLUV your art!!
ShinkuNoTenshi's avatar
You're welcome. ^_^ I only watch the artists whose work I really like and I really like yours. ^^
riskkeybusiness's avatar
You are very welcome! I love your artwork, so really I should be saying thank you for letting me watch you!
DaimyoShi's avatar
It really easy to do! But you welcome anyway :)
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