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Yuriko Omega' Red Alert3

She' s Yuriko Omega of the empire of the rising sun from Red Alert3. This original concept art i think she is not Japanese's student girl T T. I will try to paint her to my style. In Tanya Eva and Natasha i wanna draw her if I'm not busy. Hope you like her. :)
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Nice Yuriko. And shes in sailor outfit?
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You made yuriko extreeeenly cute :3 gesu~
my crusaders will blow her wide open if you know what i mean
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It's all fun until when you accidentally run into a tesla coil :/
I love this.YURIKO has never been so cute!
Gamergemleader's avatar
Amazing picture! I like this a lot!
AGEMOCORP's avatar
lol... in one of my random searches i found this pic, and i remembered how much i loved this game...
-Are you my friend?... nice work there!
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magnificent artwork the edges are fantastic and u did a wonderful job of making it look 3d
Well done! I really liked what you did here. I really appreciate this mate, thanks! :D
This is awesome!!!!!
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Your own style !
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Omg its a cute Yuriko! Not that creepy in game one...;~; Good job :D
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its like ling xiaoyu in Tekken but nice drawing anime style ^^
alvinsevile3's avatar
very adorable anime girl!!!!!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! She's Japaning me to death!!!- my medical doesn't cover that!
AlexandraValeria's avatar name is Alexandra and i am part of the group command and conquer. [link] ask your permision to submit your artwork in our group gallery.your drawing is very porfesional done and represent the character in the best way.we want to improve our group by submiting the best artowrks and to be the best command and conquer group.cheers;)
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Japanese...I hate them...Nice!the art is good,but I hate that army of the rising sun...I attack them relentlessly!
Red Alert at its best...

Um... what am I supposed to put here again?
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love the colors, shading, everything :love:
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