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Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic

Again with MLP girl comission for :iconyatonokami: . :)
The series is based on US Series "My little pony" from Hasbro.Developer is Lauren Faust.
I drew her with concept is magician and cast spell on right hand. I will use the star is main material of her outfit. Hope you like her and other of My little pony series.

Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie

Lyra Heartstrings
Derpy Hooves
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This is very well done, elegant and powerful. Any chance we can ever see one for Sunset? :)
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Princess Twilight Sparkle,
The most magical and powerful pony in EXISTENCE
I love the dynamic poses you have them all in! :) I take it you are a video game fan? 
I've seen all the ones you made and love em! Do you think you can make one of Sunset Shimmer and maybe the Dazzlings please?
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Being the Machiavellian type, Sunset should have a stiletto or Assassin's Creed hidden blade or maybe a Renaissance smallsword.

For the sirens,

Sonata: A carved Oar, Musashi-style.
Adagio: Naval officer sabre
Aria: A retiarius trident.

Also, the Cutie Mark Crusaders join the Canterlot High Sensha-Do team.
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what about chrysallis
That sounds like a cool idea.
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She's awesome, granted Twilight Sparkle is cool regardless but I like your mage portraying of her. Nice job on the lighting, really makes the details stick out.
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Nicely done! Also, I really like what you did with her outfit :)
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aww she is awesome!+fav 
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is it okay to cosplay this design? or something inspired by the design?
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Superb thanks for sharing
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All of these humanizations are great work, but I must express the flaw I find here; Twilight's cutie mark is correct, but in every other depiction of the star (of which there are many to be spoken for here) there are eight points rather than the allotted six. I'm sorry, but I just had to point it out because it's really bothering me :/
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:33< i know her cutie mark symbolizes something:…
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Twilight Sparkle is a magical girl in Equestria Girls
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Ya know... it looks like she could be getting ready to strum the staff lil a guitar.
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Element of Magic isn't even a quality. O.O This is weird!
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Twilight Sparkle as a magician... that makes completely sense.
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Great set here dood.
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lol inner thigh cutie mark, amazing btw
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