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This picture is another comission for :iconyatonokami: . :)
The series is based on US Series "My little pony" from Hasbro.Developer is Lauren Faust.
This picture is Trixie on magical dress. And Some one call me about her, She became famous after the new MLP series.

I'm very busy on master's degree. I have a lot of work not have time to painted my original's work. T T
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Could you do ones of DJpom3 and Octavia?
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Can you do a Fluffle Puff one?
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Have you done one for Cheerilee yet? IMO, as a teacher, a Khakkhara or monk spade would be appropriate.
Damn...good one. Inspiring.
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I like a girl who knows how to dual-wield.
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Can't believe I haven't favorited this yet.
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Duel-wielding wands to increase magic power! Oh my gooooooooooooosh!


Dear Recipient: 
     We regret to inform you that you are hereby banned from this evening's Unbirthday party at the Unbirthday Manor in Whitetail Woods. As you are aware, our members are promised that no non-unbirthday persons shall be allowed on the premises, and, regretfully, we must uphold our promises and traditions. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
     However, we look forward to admitting you back on the premises for the morrow's party, so please, don't do anything drastic in your depression, such as, but not limited to the following: suicide, over-dosing, self-injury, illegal activities, or other such activities which would incapacitate yourself. We do, however, highly encourage you to surround yourself with the others who won't be joining us for the evening, so that you will not fall to despair. 
     Thank you, and good day.
     Magical Trevor, President of The Unbirthday Society 
:rarity: by Zoiby
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Have you read any of the Lunaverse fics?
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I just realised where her Cutie Mark is Meow :3 
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Great and Power alright...
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This pictures of MLP characters are amazing! How much do you charge for a comission?
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Awesome job!  Love the outfit and pose!
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Excellent work as always.

Darth Cygnus
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looks just like Trixie..
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Can you rename the title "Trixie Lulamoon"? I know some of the other Trixies really have their last names.
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Just a few requests of mine: can you rename her Trixie Lulamoon? I hope you can put her and the princesses in the folder called "ponies fanart".
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amazing as always :3
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