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This picture is another comission for :iconyatonokami: . :)
The series is based on US Series "My little pony" from Hasbro.Developer is Lauren Faust.
Sub character of this series again. Her concept character is dark skin body and tomboy with sketch board. Her weapons tonfa. Hope you like her and other of My little pony series.

Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle

Lyra Heartstrings
Derpy Hooves
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Maybe this could be a slightly older version of her? Like, 13? :)
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How about to update picture with her proper cutiemark? (…)
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Only one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders were requested? That's too bad.
MrWonderWorks's avatar
Hey Can You Do Apple Bloom, Babs Seed, & Sweetie Belle Next?
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Scootaloo looks so awesome!!!! She might be my new fave CMC!!!
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Whoah those are some boobs for a little kid
MayamikoOshiro's avatar
LOL! But these days, you would be surprised.
AbductionFromAbove's avatar
Nah I'm pretty sure unless the kid is overweight, not even padded bras and toilet paper could do this
MayamikoOshiro's avatar
Yeah. It is a bit unrealistic for like an 8 year old to have boobs that big. I don't even have boobs that big.
Scootaloo is still Young so I think maybe make her a little childish instead
But this is cool as well.
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I approve of this because I skateDance! 
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She looks like she's from a fighting game.
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nice tonfa,can you do sweetie?
and luna? luna would go nice with a sickle.
kaburninator's avatar
you gonna do Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom?
Def-Initely's avatar
Awh, she got the SWAG!
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She looks ready to kick some kiester-- and with a butterfly tattoo to allude to her G3 self?

Scootaloo will show us games to play :iconlikeabossplz:!!
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