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Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter

This picture is another comission for :iconyatonokami: . :)
The series is based on US Series "My little pony" from Hasbro.Developer is Lauren Faust.
Her concept character is crazy and funny. Following the order, her weapons bladed yoyo and craw in another hand. Hope you like her and other of My little pony series.

Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle

Lyra Heartstrings
Derpy Hooves
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New Equestria Girls Battle Friendship Megaforce action figures! Featuring Pinkie Pie, the Kunoichi Of Laughter with deadly Ninja Yo-Yo Action!
Get it soon from Hasbro. Also available, Equestria Girls Transformers!
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So Amazing!! Can you make one of my Oc? You don't have to...
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and armed with a bladed....yo-yo?
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Code name: party animal. I think that fits considering her weapons and clothing style.
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These chain-shits die with me.
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What is the origin of this anyway? I feel like I've heard it somewhere before
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wouldn't the yo-yo hurt her hand? It seems a little dangerous for someone to have.
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Very energetic, fitting for Pinky Pie although I'd imagine something a little more like a jester type bard myself but I can't disagree she looks like a party girl.
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I feel like Pinkie would have some sort of gun, or cannon or something, but this is cool.
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Mamiya has taught you well, Pinkie.
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There is also a link that relates to this:…
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If maxwindy accepts my pleas, I would be so happy.
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The Human Six don't have the Elements of Harmony. They have the Essences of Virtue instead.

Human Pinkie Pie has the Essence of Laughter, its power triggered by Sunset Shimmer's energy attack.
Kimberly-AJ-04-02's avatar
Those six have the same names I know. Fluttershy has Kindness, Rarity has Generosity, Applejack has Honesty, Rainbow Dash has Loyalty and Twilight Sparkle has Magic, right?
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You are hinking about Ponies.

These are humans.

The Human Six have the Essences of Virtue. They are Earth's counterpart of the Elements of Harmony, only they reside within each of the Human Six (while the power of the Elements of Harmony reside in magical trinkets).

When Sunset Shimmer shot that energy beam at the Human Six, it awoke the Essences of Virtue.

Fluttershy has the Essence of Compassion.

Rarity has the Essence of Redemption.

Applejack has the Essence of Commitment.

Rainbow Dash has the Essence of Courage.

Pinkie pie has the Essence of Laughter

And Twilight Sparkle has the Essence of Wisdom.

When the Essences of Virtue combine, they form the Holy Rainbow (which has the same effect as the Holy Rainbow formed by the combined power of the Elements of harmony).

The Pony Twilight Sparkle (who had been turned human by the magnetic field that sometimes surrounds the portal between Equestrias and Earth) replaced the Essence of Wisdom with the Element of Magic.

You can see the human Rainbow Dash using the power of the Essence of Courage in this video:…
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Well, that's a sneak peak from the new Equestria Girls film. Anyway, Laughter is the same word in Pinkie's pony and human forms, isn't it right?
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But Pony Pinkie Pie is just channeling a power that comes from a magical trinket, while Human Pinkie Pie is using the power that comes from within her.
Kimberly-AJ-04-02's avatar
Heh! ^^; I didn't remember the difference about the same character
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She'll tickle you to death....just look at those claws, awesome pic :)
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