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Frontier of love

I draw this pic to make a new movie for "Asura online" promotion. The plot of this movie is the love between human and asura.
The background of this pic are two new bosses and the lands of two races. :)
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Amazing!! This is a wonderful
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:wow: that is very amazing work on this pic, I really :love: it a lot!!
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Wait, this is a movie? Where can I see it? If it's anything like this piece, it will be beautiful and epic!! :-D
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it's beautiful =) love conquer everything really :aww:
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thi sis really beautiful =3
Kibainuzukalove's avatar
awesome , great colors
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My number one concern: The fencer's grip on his sabre. The position is wrong. Thumb is supposed to be positioned perpendicular to the blade, gripped lightly like a 'thumb's up' sign. His military superior would frown in disdain if he saw him gripping his weapon like that....

Scabbard must also be straight. The weapon wont fit in there if its curved. Can be fixed if the weapon is tweaked to be curved like a cavalry saber.

Sorry... Hardcore sword enthusiast...
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wahhh!!! it's beautiful and touching! <3
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Great! She is cute, and he is similar to Mustang from FMA :3
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It's awsome! You rock :O
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Amazing!!! :heart:

What's the movie about?
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I will add the youtube link when the movie is finish. Thanks a lot. :)
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U're welcome!^^
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I just LOVE the composition!:heart:
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Really like it a lot. =)
keep them coming!
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Lovely. You did great on the anatomy and, as usual, the colors are amazing. <3
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Nice! But Dude= Rip-off of Mustang.
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