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Derpy Hooves

This picture is another comission for :iconyatonokami: . :)
The series is based on US Series "My little pony" from Hasbro.Developer is Lauren Faust.
I think many people are waiting for this sub-charactor fanart, "Derpy". I spend a lot time painting this pic. I pick large axe as her weapon, I think it's may be suit for her habit. :)

Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle

Lyra Heartstrings
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cuanto cobras por dibujo?
SelLillianna's avatar
But she doesn't have her derpy eyes :(
RyanFall's avatar
i know right plus she doesn't have that clumsy cute look
Blake290383's avatar
Derpy, one of my favourites!
Wait0wat's avatar
Derpy's face looks cute, but I'm also frightened because if she can put anybody in the hospital with just the piano and some other delivery equipment, I'd hate to see what she does with the battle axe. 0.0
transcendantviewer's avatar
I don't want to be that guy but what does a postal worker need a battleaxe for?
Sand-Josieph's avatar
Well, you know how rough some neighborhoods can get... =P
ShalaskaLuna's avatar
Derpy ?! Really ?! omfg 
Derpypie231's avatar
its like shes playing skyrim in real life or world of warcraft.
Twilight-Knight1's avatar
I read the description and ready "Hasbro.Developer" and thought "they're apparently a computer program now xD"

Awesome artwork by the way~ ^^
SkyCircle777's avatar
You forgot that Derpy`s eyes suppose to look different directions.
Myahster's avatar
If you haven't already made plans for making Sweetie Belle, I think a mace and a small shield would fit her nicely...
derpaden93's avatar
Quicksilver1987's avatar
*Stands on the train tracks, goes Super Sayin 3 and punches the rape train so hard it flips off of the tracks, rolls down the hill and explodes.*
QS: ...Fixed your brake problem...
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20XXGiygas's avatar
-Tackle hugs derpy-
Samgreen90's avatar
What about a hammer?
Guardian-of-Eros's avatar
CraftJensin's avatar
Again, should she have that weapon? As klutzy as she is?
That's possibly the reason she chose that weapon for derpy
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