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Angel of Death

Happy Halloween day with last pic of Devil girls series [link] [link] I try to draw plain background in this pic. Even she looks so young(loli), I think you must like her definitely. :)
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Just to let you know, this work has been stolen. You can find the stolen piece here: [link]

I have reported the thief, and if you note, most of her gallery has been stolen. Perhaps more of your works can be found there.
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the only way to reap souls is with a smile^^ nice pic
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very lovely and good coloring so this what death looks like if he was a girl? cool!
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your like the best artist in the world i love this drawing!
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really Kawaii ;3 I love scythe's they ROCK so naturally I love this :D
awesome pic
How id you color this?
colored pencils? Markers? Crayons? Paints?
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Digital paint by photoshop CS sir. :)

:,( i cant draw good
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Nice work. I love her pose.

I found this on the new gaia arenas, though! Before I accuse this person of stealing your pictures, and reporting them, their user is kr3wsk8er123. You wouldn't happen to be him, would you? I don't want to accuse you of stealing your own work. XD But I don't want them taking credit for something YOU made.
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Nice work on it. ^_^
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this is really cool, nice job.
Looks a little too cheerful to be a grim reaper... I like her! Great job on this!
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Halloween should be something frightening but... well... the girl is so cute!!!!

Nice job again. Continue!
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*pants then howls to the moon*
damn three girls same demonic feelad even hotter than the next!^_^

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love it LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! its so cute i totally love it
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Heh, my rp characters would be like "So you're the angel of death? Sorry dear, but you must be 'this high' to kill us."
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Adorbale!! i love her expression and cloths^^ favies:heart:
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How adorable! I love little girl shinigami ^^.
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WOW!!!U draw anime soooooooooo good^^
i luv gothic like pictures and this has a gothic touch to it^^
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I absolutly adore this drawing. The scyth is amazing and the shading is near perfect (I love your soft touch on the line art). The overall atmosphere is very fitting and the outer glow is a really nice touch:)

My favorite part is definatly her expression though:)
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