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Sunnyville Stories #13 Page 27



The top panel strayed from my script and was more improvised on the fly.  The caption there was not in the original script.  As for Donny and Rusty being forcibly taken out of Sam's room by their moms, the youngsters didn't do anything either in the original script.  I had to change that to make it look more dramatic.  I had Donny literally being lifted up by his neck and shouting in pain.  I decided to have Nancy forcibly lead her son by twisting his arm and threatening to break it (which she claims she'll do when she gets her son downstairs).

Nancy is tricky to write sometimes.  Nancy will use physical force on her son but I don't like her doing that for two reasons:

1.  I don't want to make Nancy look abusive.
2.  I don't like the female on male abuse double standard.

For those reasons, I've actually scrapped ideas where Nancy was going to slap her son.  I even debated having an ending once inspired by some of the Italian Disney comics where an angry Scrooge McDuck chases Donald with a club or mace...but didn't. 
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