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Shadow Council Commission: Facette and Jurian

I was commissioned by a fellow Shadow Councilor for a picture of his proxy and another proxy being represented as they were in a story he wrote about them. I am not above steamy arts, so of course I said yes.

What is the Shadow Council? The Shadow Council is what the members of the Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team call their fans... It is also an unknown entity *within* the game. As a result, a number of fans of the show made 'proxies' which represent them in the game world... In theory, at least. The game is not ours, but our own characters are a fun way to enter the world in a way that doesn't impact the story beyond our weekly votes.
Basically it's just fun! (you may have noticed my proxy is AeKeek there is also a roster of proxies that I maintain.)

So yeah, Jurian and Facette had a steamy encounter and I got to render it into reality!

Facette is owned by Echo/themothprophet
Jurian is owned by KingNewbs
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