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Nature Makes No Mistakes - DOTL Guest Comic


This was a guest comic I did for the webcomic Daughter of the Lilies and it's AMAZING. I highly suggest reading it!

The comic makes sense in a broad tone because, uh, it's the truth, but it also has significance for the character pictured.

ALL the flowers shown (see flower map Here: FLOWER GUIDE: Nature Makes No Mistakes - DOTL) are flowers that we have known her to have used as alias' in the past, and so it's a visual homage in addition to a test of my skills at flora 6_9. I actually drew each type of flower/plant on a separate Photoshop file in pieces and then arranged them and duplicated them as I needed for the final picture. All the flowers I drew... were substantially bigger than shown here (I was always taught to "do more than you need" and so I did that to the umpth degree, apparently).

The entire picture was drawn in Photoshop with the exception of the very first initial layout sketches (which I then toyed with in Photoshop anyway).

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to sell the print, so I've listed it AS WELL as offered a free download of the full size JPG. So.. Have at.

I spent... WAY.. WAY more time on this than I am proud to admit _ though I am proud of the results.

I hope you all like it ^_^;;

Thistle and Daughter of the Lilies are property of  MegSyv and are both awesome!
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This was just awesome! Great fan art for an amazing character! :D Especially sent it home with "As names do not define a person," that almost made me teary eyed. :') Amazing work!!! 
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Thank you so much!

I love Thistle and can't wait to learn more about her in the next chapters!
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I just want to say how impressed I am with this detailed piece of complete happyness and tranquility... Thistle, as well as her comic and artist, really deserves this tribute :-)
MaxwellsDeamon's avatar

And I also totally agree! I LOVE LOVE DOTL and Meg has been super nice in any interaction I've seen her in and also A BOSS at making awesome stuff!
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Lookin good! Comics are so intimidating, well done for getting stuck into it!
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Thank you! They really are but I have to say I'm super proud of this one. It took a long time, but it was definitely worth the results!
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Yeah, definitely. The flowers in particular look like there's a lot of love that's gone into them.
MaxwellsDeamon's avatar
^u^ The flowers... haha. I mean it took a long time, but even as I was working on them I was enjoying the process. Well... except for that one or two times when I realized it was 3AM and needed to work in a few hours ._. I was a little grumpy then...

I'll have to upload the full-size samples of some of them. I drew some of them QUITE LARGE  - like, they were as big as Thistle when I dragged them over!
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Those little toes still kill me, man.
MaxwellsDeamon's avatar
I'm glad you like them ;v;

I was like "I want her shoes off - oh crap her skin cant show, hnnng. WELP WRAP THE FEET"
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