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A Quiet Moment

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It is not every day that he can make time to slip away, to continue his research. Not every week he can spend hours wiling away his studies. When he can, he makes that time special. Dedicates all his attention, all his comfort to the space, and allows himself the things he cannot in the social web of his society.

With each intellectual expansion, comes a physical expansion to match it's needs. The alcove became a room, the room a foyer to something much greater. Constantly delving deeper, more expansive in time. His studies of the mind, the deities and what lies the beyond, the truth, and death - as expansive as even the most thorough Duergar mine and as powerful as the lair of the greatest monstrosity.

Yes, in this space -away from her, away from the hubub, the pettiness of their worship - he has found a calling. This place is his escape, his true home. And a home must be protected. This one, must remain secret. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Hello friends. This one was based off a pixel art and a sketch by Eric Alloway ( and the scenery by a commission stream Kris Straub ( had done.

I had a lot of fun doing this one. Some of it can be seen on stream at my Twitch page (same username). Hope ya enjoy it!

If you like the nonsense I make, consider donating to my Ko-fi ( )If you would like a bit more, I also have a Patreon! $5 tier gets a print! ( )
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This is so cool, Maxy! Ans I'm honored that I was an inspiration for some of this!