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By maxwell-heza

Wow I'm really not active on this D:

Thank you for all the faves I've gotten lately. If you're a new watcher, sorry I don't update much (understatement) but most of what I've done is unfinished or just sketches, and I don't think you guys would be interested in those.

So I'm on sick leave at the moment 'cause I had some epic surgery. Doing alright now, but still need a while for my ab muscles to strengthen again. I now have a six inch scar from my belly button down. Crazy times.

I'm going to be at the hq London devMeet today. So if you're going I look forward to seeing you there!

It's apparently my Birthday on Thursday(?) not sure how that came around so fast O_o.

Aaaand I'm going to be going to Denmark soon, any suggestions on where to go?

This has been the briefest of brief updates.

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Missing your creations no matter how sketchy they be. <3 :)
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København!!! (Copenhagen)
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Yes but where in Copenhagen? I'm hoping for the chocolate factory :D
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[link] and [link] for busses to sweden.
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Oh yeah, a canal boat ride is a great intro to the city.

And there's plenty of great night-life including many great bars and jazz cafes (try and find one away from Strøget - the main shopping street). Copenhagen is known for music and jazz. The metro runs all night, so just enjoy. Danes just enjoy themselves when out, nights can be gentle - no drunken bar-fights.
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The main city areas: Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Amager, Hovedstadt... the entire city is accessible by public transport and cycling.

If you're going there for the first Sunday of the month, take the S-Tog (red, local train) free to Hillerød to spend a day exploring a gorgeous little town with a large, lakeside path and an amazing castle (entry costs around 50dkk). If you're not going there the first Sunday of the month, go there anyway. Ask in the Ticket office for a "Klipperkort" (basically a ticket strip that you clip). If you're traveling in a group, you can buy a klipperkort between you and it'll cost less per person to travel.

Also buy a 2-Zone klipperkort for general public transport (2 Zone). One clip is good for an hour (sometimes if the ticket stamper is a set a little ahead it gives you an extra 15minutes).

Must sees: Christiania (close to Christianshavn Metro Station). It's a hippy community, they took over a patch of old factory group and declared themselves a free state. Weed is "legal" here, but it's also nice during the day to wander around, see alternative artists and their art, grab some cheap food (on Thursdays I believe they cook a special meal from food sourced through dumper-diving and it's something like 20/30dkk per head).

Tivoli Gardens - Walt Disney based Disneyland on this theme-park. It's less tacky than Disneyland and nice to wander around, even if you don't want to do the rides (Tip: DO THE RIDES!!!). Entry and rides are paid for separately.

Staatens Museum for Kunst: Free entry, an ever changing aray of artwork. No one does modern art like the Danes!

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: A great day out. Another art Museum but the collection and the location make this a must-see (about 45mins from Copenhagen by train, direct on the coast - on a fine day you can see Sweden). Ask in the ticket office about the combi-ticket (for train ticket and entry).

The Little Mermaid: OK she's a bit small, but you will need a photo with her. You can take a route from Amelienborg palace past the embassies, or alternatively the park is right next to Østerport station (1 stop from Hovedbandegård aka the central station). Alex's mum really liked the flowers. ;)

Nyhavn - the street on all the postcards. It's nice to walk from there across the far bridge, past the embassies, towards the palace and then up to the Mermaid.

Amager Strand: Take the Metro to either Amager Strand or Øresund. You're right on the beach. Avoid the baltic jellyfish (though they won't hurt you).

Sweden is also close enough for day trips. Again you can travel as a group on a klipperkort. Or you can take the bus, which is cheaper. Train travel is about 30mins, bus is about 1 hour. I recommend Lund over the much publicised Malmö. It's prettier, got gorgeous cobbled streets, cathedral, botanical gardens....it's just a nicer city. And the Swedish Kroner isn't as strong as the Danish Kroner.

Tip: Don't bring Euros! You'd be surprised how many of my guests showed up with Euros!

I don't actually know about the chocolate factory. There are plenty of breweries. The Carlsberg brewery is pretty cool. There's also another, smaller one which I have been told is better. I can ask if you're interested. There is a chocolate factory advertised in Malmö, but it's just a small chocolate shop not a factory and so the name is misleading.

Talking of Carlsberg: The Carlsberg Glyptothek (located next to Tivoli) is free Sundays. The collection is nice (it's a collection of art and sculptures, not beer). And the interior is wonderful.

Copenhagen is my second city so if you want more info just ask.

For Denmark beyond Copenhagen: [link]

For Copenhagen: [link] In these videos you can see most of what I told you.
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Hope you're back to full strength soon. :hug:
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Enjoy the devmeet! Would have love to have gone but just couldn't fit it in atm :(
Have a blast in Denmark.. it's good to hear from you :)
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That's okay. We really need to sort out that reunion thingy.
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