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Card I made for `cei-
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VulgusVeloren's avatar
N'aww, this is quite cute :heart::love: This 'dino' is way too lovable!
This cartoon made me giggle. Nice job, Helen!
spectrarian's avatar
DOH It's kind of extremely adorable
maxwell-heza's avatar
n'aww thankies :3
kath-paints's avatar
Maximillion, you should get on somewhere that'll let you print shirts with patterned and/or adorable dinosaurs. I just thought about your paisley one with the teacup and thought "ACTUALLY I KIND OF WANT IT".

Also your day of commendation for continued survival is coming up, I hope the thing gets to you in time :C
maxwell-heza's avatar
Heee, I have been thinking of making more of them, I have a bunch of sketches somewhere of cute carnivores too XD. I do have a bigcartel shop it just doesn't have anything in it at the moment. But I need somewhere that will print clothings for me, otherwise it'll be hand painting and that would be more expensive.

I hope it gets here too, still pissed off I didn't get the awesome stuff from John Allison ;_;
kath-paints's avatar
What about Zazzle? It might be a bit pricey :/
maxwell-heza's avatar
Mmm and I can't really afford to do bulk stuff :/

Wembot's avatar
You are amazing- I love this so,so, so MUCH! He is very lucky hehe :)
mzclark's avatar
what a cute lil dinosaur!!
carbon-12's avatar
i quite like this :)
maxwell-heza's avatar
Thankies, :aww: I'm quite pleased with it seeing how little I'm producing right now!
raydar-trolley's avatar
i'm not the first to mention it's adorable. :) but it's also a great valentines card for men. it's not too sickly or girly or lovely-dovey, but you've still caught the loving tone with cuteness (and hearts) and the dark colours take a more masculine angle. i like the simplicity.
maxwell-heza's avatar
Thankies! It's kinda what I was going for, the valentines card for people who don't want teddies and flowers and pink and red alone on the fronts!

Thanks for the fave too :)
raydar-trolley's avatar
You earned it. I gave Alex a v. unconventional card! (And I was almost going to sign it "love mummy") :)
KatCardy's avatar
that's seriously cute! :D
maxwell-heza's avatar
Thankies :3 I'm rather proud of it especially considering my output of late! Thankies for the fave sweetie <3
KatCardy's avatar
you're welcome chick!
Think you'll play with this idea/style any-more? :)
maxwell-heza's avatar
I have done stuff with it before, I did a Paisley diplodocus a while back that I also put on a top I have. [link] naffish picture here, so might do a series, but I'm still struggling to evolve a style of my own decently (or produce aaaanything right now).
I'm taking part in 28 Drawings Later on facebook, but I'm already 6 days behind :/

Really wish I could go to the Cardiff comic con :<
KatCardy's avatar
I remember the diplodocus! :D he was great! you should do a trike (triceratops) .. they were always among my favs.. Trikes and pachycephalosaurus ... the head-butty ones :D
Sorry you won't be able to make the Cardiff con babe, but there's always next year! - it'll be a whole weekend of awesomeness then! ^_^
maxwell-heza's avatar
Figured out a name for it with Latin, my go to for naming things XD
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