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For *karzrave an old owed commission, I needed to draw something and this is what I thought of. Hopefully I can get around to some more commissions, or at least drawing in general :/

I think he's hanging from the ceiling or something

Not certain about the crop.

The download is wallpaper sized (for my screen anyway) so should be fine on most screens if you want to use it.

Might play around with it more later.

[edit] red compression is all ew, fullview (or download is better) for not so icky looking.

Jack (c) *karzrave
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cool!! pretty creepy.. he looks like he's about to NOM someone's head off!! :D
- good to see you posting, hun :) :hug:
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I wanted to try and place the jaw at a slightly uncomfortable angle, one that wouldn't be possible with existing ligaments etc.

Thanks, it feels awful that I haven't done more.
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:hug: at least you're posting something! ^_^ - better than nothing! it's better to focus on that rather than the baddie guilty feelings -_-
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Awesome stuff Max, thankyou so much :) I love the skull
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Thank you I'm glad you like it, I used your coyote skulls for reference :)
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Clever, simple, cool. x
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extremly simple but cool! :D
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