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Improvement Meme

By maxwell-heza
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I feel like...there is absolutely no hope for me if you were so good already....
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Oh please don't! I was 13 when I really started drawing so the beginning of this meme had me two/three years in. If I can find some of my REALLY old stuff I'll scan that in, it's quite err pokémony :S

Also I've been art blocked for about two years >_>
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was it cathartic to make this?
I've ben considering it but I don't think i made any art for like, a year 05-06

Which foundation course were you on?
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A large number of the artists I watch and admire have been doing this and it's nice to see that they haven't always been as good as they are now, that they've had to work just like I and everyone else has. It is nice to see that I have improved as sometimes it really REALLY doesn't feel like it.

For 2008-2009 the pieces displayed are pretty much all I created those years.

I did a foundation diploma in Art & Design at UWIC.
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ah rightey, welsh wales?
Did you stay there for uni? How's graduated life?
I'm at manchester at the moment, my friends all graduated last year and are all going through different experiences of being out in the wild.
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I went to Cheltenham for uni and did Illustration, a course I don't recommend unless they have improved it since I left.

I know someone who went to MMU and did Illustration there, she loved it, I wish I'd gone there!

I currently work in Caffé Nero, because this is the only job I could get, I know people who graduated last year who are working in call centres who are better than I am. :/
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i think the recessions hitting pretty hard isn't it :/
one of my mates was on illustration Hallu on here[link] . she's amazing but is only pulling in a few bits of freelance here and there.
I'm on Interactive Arts, it's a complete shower of a course. The organisation is useless, it doesn't make you specialise in any one media either, we have people working on sculpture, digital, illustration, sound installation etc. It's making me think wtf am I going to do on the other side.
my CV will be like "will art for food" or something. grim -_-
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Haha, we're talking about the same person ~hallu Hannah Mosley? She's the one who got me on to dA from side7, known her since I was 12 (now 22). She's so awesome.

Yeah I'm just doing this for work experience more than anything, I think I'll probably end up in an office or something doing art in my spare time, I don't think I'm good enough to do it as a job, and I'm probably not determined enough either.
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small world!
hannah's one of my bezzers. :D

shame you don't want to continue with the art stuff. :(
don't let full time work shove you away from it though, it's hard to find spare time to work on art when you're working full time.

I was thinking maybe lecturing or something would be fun to try. I don't know
third year is so confusion making :(
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I've still not met Han in person, just know her from the interwebs :B. Keep meaning to, but there never seems to be money or time! Maybe you guys can come down to the London UK & Web Comix Thing in March! That would be neat :)

I'm gonna try doing it in my spare time, I'm trying to work out the story for a webcomic, but I'm not a writer really. I partially don't want to do it as a job because doing it at uni made it so much of a chore for me that I don't want it to feel like that.

I was thinking about lecturing or teaching too but I tried applying for Highschool stuff and they didn't want me, so maybe Foundation or higher teaching I could do, not sure quite how to get in to that though!
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d'awww. :aww: ickle helen's maturing :D
uni work does zap creativity mind.
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I can really see improvement, and while all your work is lovely in it's own way the 2008/9 stuff is gorgeous!
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Anyway, the improvement is marked. 2003 and your lovely fishy-picture could be different artists the fishies are so good
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Even though 2003 wasn't bad for your age group at the time
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*cough* yus

It does make me realise how little I've done in the past two years though, Uni work aside, there were four things in 2008 and 3 in 2009 (not including the ratemydrawings thing which I couldn't snapshot)

I also can't really find a consistent style in my work which is annoying!

But it is quite nice to be able to see improvement :)

[link] <- 2002-2003 stuff is here still
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Looks like you were always really good!
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There's my little brain-freind yay
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