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Pokemon 000 MissingNo. by maXVolnutt Pokemon 000 MissingNo. by maXVolnutt
Another Pokemon Ginjinka for the awesome project

Much in the way I came up with my Mewtwo, there are already MissingNo.s in the dex. All of them play off the idea of MissingNo. being a fragmented destructor of all it touches. Novel concept, I really liked it, funny and all. However, once again none of them gave any actual attention to the character of MissingNo as established by the show. Pokemon all have unique personalities, certain feeligns about them, that is what makes them great! And yet people in the dex seem to completely disregaurd that fact and just make bizarre anthropomorphs for the most part. Really fun to look at, but few of them really capture the beauty inherent in the designs of Pokemon.

Now, let me explain how that rant applies to something like 'M. What is MissingNo.? Everyone who played the original Red/Green/Blue knows it's a glitch. However, the reason for this is a mystery to most. It was the very first Pokemon ever designed and programmed into the game, tagged 'Missing Number' or shortened 'MISSINGNO.' to meet the character limit for names. This pokemon was ultimately whiped from the game, however fragments of it's programming remained scattered throughout the code. Through an obscure sequence of events you could run accross the remnants of this scrambled coding.

To pay tribute to this bizarre accident, the animators of the Pokemon gave us a peek at the physical design of MissingNo. as it was ogirnally programmed into the game. At the end of the very first episode of Pokemon, Ash looks into the sky and glimpses MissingNo for a moment, appearing as a beautiful golden bird traveling gracefully through the sky. If you go back and watch it, it might look familiar to you. That is because that design was later used for Ho-Oh.

So, in short, what is MissingNo.? A gold colour-swap of Ho-Oh.

*sigh* And that is exactly what this is. I used the existing design of a wonderful Ho-Oh ginjinka by (make sure to check it out here: [link] ) in a completely new, full colour painting. (The coloured version is here:[link] ) I then took the coloured version and added a gold colour scheme and shiny effects. In terms of actual drawing challenge, the weirdest thing was making the hands in realistic poses. Other than that, nothing all that new to me. I'm happy with the Clouds. As long as it presents the same grace and majesty that the peek at MissingNo in that first episode had, then I'm happy with it. But I'll shut up, because I talked a lot this time. >_>
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April 28, 2007
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