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MMOD vs v1.0 visual style for use on Windows xp & Windows 2003 server

MMOD is variation of the original median vs found here [link]
while the original gave you a vibrant bold red to put you in the mood for the holidays (originally released dec 25th

2004), mmod goes in a different direction and gives you a smooth blue relaxed look. Its definately an everday

use type of theme so give it a try :)
be sure to install the fonts included in order for the the theme to function as it should.
Special thanks to those who gave assistance with the theme

contact me

Copyright © 2003 - 2004 OK3 Media, visionleague ™
© 2005 - 2020 maxvision
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This is beautiful, i'm using it.
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Hey nice work buddy! Giving it a favorite (+fav). I got some nice wallpapers at my gallery. Check them out sometime!
[link] (My gallery)
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it's a great theme... :judge:

haven't stopped using it since I first spotted it.
any colour variations planned?

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this is awesome .. i love it ..
thank you !
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[link] the icons in there look the same to me :P
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would it be possible to make a WindowBlinds Skin of this one ?

looks sleek, just the way i like it :)
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Thanks, I like it!

A version with full menu also will be wonderful!!!!

Thanks in advance if you will.

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Great theme. But I noticed that the full view image is a larger file size than the download file itself. :confused:
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Wow great style :thumbsup:
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Very Very nice Vs so smoothy :D good job man !
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What icons are you using with this?
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The icons are called MMX2 mmx mercury. I've had them for quite some time now and not even sure if it's still around.
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Cant find the icons on the net, could you email them to me inside_the_outside_42 at
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Presentation is on really nice, definately one to keep people occupied until future works ;)
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Great VS Man And My Name Is Static-Slack On Here ... Anyways Looks Great
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Thanks guys.. big big thanks to you static :).. you da man!
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Wow!!! it's smooth & awesome.

Thanks a lot m8.
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