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Pieces Fell Out

By maxvision
p3 wall pieces fell out

Another of my whimsical type creations, I have no words that truly describe the thought process behind this artwork. It was still fun creating it. Enjoy!

click download for 1600 x 1200 download and visit
[link] for larger resolutions

You Can find the Rest of the Philly 3 Suite from the links provided below.

Nylons - [link]
Theconcept - [link]
R1P - [link]
Maxvision - [link]

check us out on [link] in channel #vision
or website at [link]

Philly 3 Launchy - [link]
Philly 3 Visual Style - [link]
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Philly 3 Pieces Fell Out Wallpaper - [link]
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Philly 3 Sparq Shutdown Dialog - [link]
Philly 3 Litestep - [link]

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you know those magnets that make noise when you toss them around? this remind me of that but in a mental life forming way
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Never thought of it that way, glad you like it :)
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I don't know what is it but i liked it
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Superb ... :clap: You know I like simple and clean!
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Thanks, this was relaxing to make.
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No doubt about it ... after all that work :clap:
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I did not know if it would turn out ok but since you like it.. Thanks
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