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January 24, 2008
An outstanding theme has recently shocked me when I saw it. The smooth simplicity and beautiful lines of Philly 3 - Visual Style by =maxvision is part of a huge collection of skins for a lot of popular applications. Be sure to grab this baby and check out the other packs!
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Philly 3 - Visual Style



Visual style for the Philly 3 Suite
Wow where do I begin?! The Philly 3 VS was started in Nov or Dec of '06
using Philly 2 as a base, I played around with the colors of the old theme and decided to go with philly blue instead of using the grey.

It was finalized in January of '07 but was not released until now. It's been in constant use on my desktop for over a year and has my seal of approval in terms of it being a long term use type of skin. Try it and see if you share the same sentiment.

*minor update*

You Can find the Rest of the Philly 3 Suite from the links provided below.

Nylons - [link]
Theconcept - [link]
R1P - [link]
Maxvision - [link]

check us out on [link] in channel #vision
or website at [link]

Philly 3 Launchy - [link]
Philly 3 Visual Style - [link]
PHilly 3 Concrete Wallpaper - [link]
Philly 3 Pieces Fell Out Wallpaper - [link]
Philly 3 Round Two Wallpaper - [link]
Philly 3 Round Two Wallpaper - [link]
Philly 3 Icons - [link]
Philly 3 Colorpad - [link]
Philly 3 Styler Toolbar - [link]
Philly 3 Windows Smartphone Theme - [link]
Philly 3 Xion Media Player - [link]
Philly 3 Rainmeter - [link]
Philly 3 Rainlendar - [link]
Philly 3 BSPlayer - [link]
Philly 3 Miranda IM - [link]
Philly 3 Sparq Shutdown Dialog - [link]
Philly 3 Litestep - [link]

copyright 2008 visionleague™ | ok3media
IRC: [link] #vision
WEB: [link] | [link]
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Using and enjoying. :thumbsup: