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Elfin2 Winamp

Winamp classic for Elfin2 thanks to my good friend Bin (Nylons) for the help with correcting bugs.

This is the second winamp skin i've created :)

Props to the visionleague team, friends of our team and people who love and enjoy our work.

mirandaIM [link]
litestep [link]
windowblinds [link]
visual style [link]
winamp [link]
colorpad [link]
Internet Gargamels: Elfin Save Me! [link]
Weary Night: Elfin's Tale [link]

copyright 2007 visionleague™
IRC [link] #vision
WEB [link]
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The idea is great, but minor changes in need. EQ sliders are too dark. All captions are too simplistic. Playlist display is a dark lack of colors, the load/save buttons aren't on the right place. (where the menu captions will appear) Spectrum analyzer works strange. I just wrote these because I like this skin. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have written anything here.

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Simple and dark are the key features that I wanted to implement when I created the theme for my own personal use. I decided to build a theme around it and share it with others who also share the same sentiment. I think you should venture forth and create something that meets your own aesthetic guidelines.

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Great skin !! So stylish & elegant !  +fav Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange Bullet; White Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple Bullet; Green Bullet; Red 
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Great skin. Published on Extreme Design Studio Blog. If you have more great skins you can post it there.
This skin looks good.

I have created a Winamp skin called SpringAmp which can be found here:


The colours and the artwork reflect the moods of spring; hence the name.

Shahriar Nour Khondokar: [link]
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So the preview shows three windowshade modes (in the top right) and i can't for the life of me figure out how to change it. thw main reason i downloaded this skin was for the tiny bar with the track name in it and i don't know how to make it do that :(

Am I missing something here?
(otherwise great skin though, i reallyy like it (: )
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minimize button
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hi man how i can install it in vista ___`??
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Great work! i did a streamripper skin in your style, hope its ok :-)
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Slum village! Dope! Cool skin too. :D
OMG! works for me perfect with the skin
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You are welcome, I'm glad you like it
thx for your amazing winamp skin!!!
& a happy new year!
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I've added this skin in an article called The best classy winamp skins which is a part of Over 50 of the best Winamp skins
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Thank you for the nomination and for alerting me :)
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Simple and awesome :D
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This is HOT ! :)
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