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May 2, 2007
A new month, and a great new VS to go with it! Elfin2 Visualstyle by ~maxvision.
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
Suggested by archanN
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Elfin2 Visualstyle

Initially this was going to be a small quick update to my elfin vs and was never going to be a suite but here it is as part of the mini suite Elfin2. I tinkered with it for a while, turning it into a darker theme, added some stylish but low profile buttons and polished a few areas. All in all it's a late night, long term use type of skin that grows on you like spiderman's new suit :)

*minor update*

Props to the visionleague team, friends of our team and people who love and enjoy our work.

mirandaIM [link]
litestep [link]
windowblinds [link]
visual style [link]
winamp [link]
colorpad [link]
Internet Gargamels: Elfin Save Me! [link]
Weary Night: Elfin's Tale [link]

copyright 2007 visionleague™
IRC [link] #vision
WEB [link]
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Saroxia's avatar
i've got 2 qeustions...
1: can i install it on my windows 7 ultimate x64?
2: if it is posable.. how to install it?
maxvision's avatar
unfortunately no, it cannot be used on windows 7 in its current form.
Saroxia's avatar
Thanks for the information ;)
Can you help me now to install it on a Vista 32bits computer?
maxvision's avatar
Sorry but I can't help you to install it on vista because it was made for Windows xp. The mechanism that allows for it to work on xp is different to that of vista. You can try using the windowblinds version of the theme with vista though but you will need to install windowblinds to use it. Do a google search for windowblinds from stardock.

windowblinds version of elfin 2 [link]
Cr7NeTwOrK's avatar
perfect for me
yboris's avatar
Thank you for this theme, it goes super-well with my custom elfin2 litestep edit :)

Too bad I didn't discover it sooner :)
Damn dude...thats looking soo nice
maxvision's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it.
MarinoVargas's avatar
how do i use it =S? i downloaded it and clicked it but it doesnt work
ok, i think ill be the first to ask, how do you apply this visual style to windows XP ?

It looks great!
Nylons's avatar
Greatness ! Elfin Rocks !
sakurakira's avatar
Btw for those interested, a nice black firefox skin is [link] .
sakurakira's avatar
wonderful VS, not sure how I overlooked this one.
maxvision's avatar
5tep5's avatar
great work!
maxvision's avatar
slawekebi's avatar
this VS is great!
maxvision's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it
Uribaani's avatar
Very nice job. :D
maxvision's avatar
wacek86's avatar
great visual style ;]
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