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Elfin vs 1.0

By maxvision
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ELFIN vs v1.0 visual style for use on Windows xp & Windows 2003 server

ELFIN was originally designed to be part of a contest between the groups fourimpressions & disrupted, the contest

never came to fruitation due to improper planning between all parties involved. During the down time I went back

and updated some items and made everything fit the way I wanted. This is the first dark theme that I've done and

it was really a challenge to find a dark color close to black but not as dark, there are some limitations using

stylebuilder to make a theme completely black so this is the end result. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I

enjoyed making it. Be sure to install the fonts included in order for the the theme to function as it should.
Special thanks to those who gave assistance with the theme


Copyright © 2003 - 2004 OK3 Media, visionleague ™

Elfin Vs is part of a suite which includes other skinnable applications
here is the list and place they can be downloaded.

Elfin | VisualStyle : [link]

Elfin | Wallpaper pack : [link]

Elfin | Winamp Classic : [link]

Elfin | Rainmeter : [link]

Elfin | Rainlendar : [link]

Elfin | ColorPad : [link]

Elfin | QuickNotes : [link]
© 2005 - 2020 maxvision
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Elfin is all good! Love it!

I see you have made an Elfin skin for QuickNotes. I have tried to find this application...I have Googled my ass off, but still nothing...

Do you know where I can download QuickNotes?


DeathofKings's avatar
Never mind...found it...
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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maxvisionHobbyist General Artist
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The1BlurHobbyist Digital Artist
very freakin nice!
Angelo975's avatar
Great vs :)
soggylittlecorpses's avatar
Ooh, exactly what I have been looking for, thanks!
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rushnroll Interface Designer
This is amazing... LOVE IT!!
kdrt's avatar
very nice & clean VS

thank you !
abhimanyughoshal's avatar
abhimanyughoshalProfessional Photographer
this looks really neat and usable. good job!
maxvision's avatar
maxvisionHobbyist General Artist
sup abe :) thanks
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excellent. can you tell me what's the name of that icon set? and those on the taskbar too :D
wilsoninc's avatar
wilsonincProfessional Interface Designer
wow!!! :D impressed !! :D *downloading*
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Excellent VS, the only problem I've found is the ultra small font because I'm using 1680x1050 in a 15.4" screen but I edited the fonts with stylebuilder and it's perfect now. :+fav:
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extremProfessional Interface Designer
Perfect VS with a high usability and not trendy colors. I really like the combination with that green WP, whch gives it extra contrast :thumbsup: :+fav:
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maybe u should upload the whole suite in a pack here
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mizxecio's avatar
Great work, excellent minimal theme :+fav:
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This is a great visual style, the only thing that gets me is the font used. Its ok for title bars etc but its awful as a font for programs etc. I think tahoma would look a lot better on this.
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onozendai Digital Artist
humm gut! i love this style! good job ;)
Fatboy72's avatar
Damn! ;)
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R1PHobbyist Digital Artist
hell yeah, represent, great work.
ChaosBlade-'s avatar
Sweet ! One of the better dark\black themes ive seen. +fav :)
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nice !!

the same green as my wallpaper ^^
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