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Dew was derived in part from my visual styles Rogue & mmod. The soothing colors will enable a long term use and is easily themeable with a variety of wallpapers and icons available @ [link] or [link]

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Download the winamp version made by a good friend of this remarkable visual style on the links below

On Custo : [link]
On DeviantArt : [link]

Copyright © 2003 - 2005 OK3 Media, visionleague ™
© 2005 - 2020 maxvision
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this is great,, thank you :thanks:
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Nice colours. Slim borders. But the fonts ... they just don't feel right.
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2,3 Mb preview image size??? Is the theme weight and the image mixed?
Looks good on the thumbnail preview (I didnt see the large one...)
xIeatpockyx's avatar
Yes! Just what I was looking for. Im tryin it out right now and so far I love it. Great job!
HeLGeN-X's avatar
I like this color scheme man, suits my eyes great! Great work as always.
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Very nice. I have an app that doesn't like VSs and this even looks great with that. Good work.
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It's cool. You did great job.
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Thank you, glad you like it
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very nice indeed
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I havent tried it yet, but I like both rogue and mmod, so Im sure this will be great as well. Nice work.

PS: How come you didnt submit to custo?
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Great work, max!
I've already got it running on WB ;)
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Thanks bud :) glad you enjoy it
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sweet vs man. props :D
maxvision's avatar
Lol thanks r1pley
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Actually I dislike Mac-style VSs ... but I love this one!
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Sorry but it's definately not a mac style :)
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it has three round buttons in the top right corner, so it's a Mac style for me *lol*
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Already told ya what I think of this VS, easy on the eye, relaxing, long term use kinda cool stuff. Exellent work my friend.
Don't like that recycle bin icon :picknose: (sorry, had to say at least one thing that I dislike :D)
maxvision's avatar
Aww thanks bin :) I appreciate it man
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You've got amazing timing, I've been looking for the skin I wanted to use for hours and it turns out it was this. =D
maxvision's avatar
Glad to be the one to make the vs you were looking for thanks ;)
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A soothing VS, compact, extremely clean, exactly what I needed to get me away from Windows Classic and a 3dcc theme :D
maxvision's avatar
Glad I can be of assistance to get you away from that nasty ol windows classic friend :)
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