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iTunes Player 2 for Rainmeter

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Updated version of my original iTunes Player skin (…

Skin for rainmeter, should work on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. On mouse-over, current track time and volume control will be displayed. Also, the album art is larger than the original skin. You can still choose weither to display art or not.

CPU usage of 50% was caused by "update=1". Now Fixed.

Update 2:
Changed the 'bg.png', now the skin looks a little more stylish when there is no album art available. Check the preview:)

Update 3: Right align version:…

Update 4:
Also check out my latest all-in-one skin. It supports several music programs, including iTunes:


Some code is from this deviation by ~toastbrotpascal…

Icons edited from by *fediaFedia


Having problems?

- Make sure you have the latest version of Rainmeter installed: (last downward)

- Windows Vista / 7 / 8: Make sure you are running both programs (the music player and Rainmeter) as an Administrator.

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I hope that the play button and pause button can be combined into one.
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Hey, i installed it and it looks fine. but it doesnt communicate with itunes. it doesnt show the song name and the buttons dont work. do i need any plugin or somethin? both is opend as adminsitrator, and rainmeter is updated. what to do? please help 
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It could be that Apple has made some small changes in iTunes which causes this skin to not work properly anymore. I suggest trying my latest skin, which is using the NowPlaying.dll plugin of Rainmeter. Link: maxvanijsselmuiden.deviantart.…
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thanks :) i´ll try
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It works beautifully. If you want it to stay even if Itunes is off, right click, go to "edit skin," and get rid of the bit of code that says "[mPlaying]" all the way to "[mPositionPercent]" (leaving in the "[mPositionPercent]," of course.
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No problems. it works perfect
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why does it off when I close iTunes?
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Because that's how I programmed it. Take a look at the code, it can be easily edited. 
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Requesting CAD/Foobar version.
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Awesome skin - having an issue though where it doesn't seem to be able to go past 940 left-to-right coordinate, it's acting like there is an invisible boundary there even though my other skins can snap to the right side of the screen. Tried changing the coordinates manually in the settings window rather than dragging but to no effect. Any advice?
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Hmm, you should try to edit the width of the skin, not the coördinates. Goodluck!
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Go into the variables file and edit the width to a smaller number. I used 100 and it works.
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i downloaded it alright, but it wont load for some reason. any suggestions?
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- Restarting PC
- Reinstalling Rainmeter (latest version)
- Updating iTunes
- Reingstalling skin
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so how about foobar version?
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Foobar support is included in: [link]
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will this work with Rainmeter 2.3.3 i have trouble installing it, it doesn's show up after installing rather. i already refereshed all, nothing. please help, this looks so sweet!
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I have absolutely no idea. It should work with the latest version of Rainmeter & iTunes..
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Hey is there anyway to make it larger? like i want this widget to fit 1/4 of my screen
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Yep, you'll have to adjust the widths, font sizes, x and y-axes...
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This is the most elegant looking player. BUT, it looks ugly when iTunes isn't on. The white box replacing album art takes away the awesomeness from my desktop. Anyway to hide the player when not in use?
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Yes, I totally agree with you on that. There's a way to hide the player when not in use, but it takes a lot of code. I'll be working on that!
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Also, did you remove uppercase from the all in one player? Was a bit diappointed. It looks the neatest.

Anyway, if you edit mPrev to "BackTrack" from "PreviousTracck" it works like iTunes should :)
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