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Vuze Torrent Display



Simple skin which displays currently downloading torrents from Vuze.
Works with Vuze [link]

Some code of this deviation is from [link] by ~Spafe


- Up to 5 torrents
- Text changes when downloading '1 torrent' or '2 torrentS'
- Displays: title of torrent, download speed, currently downloaded size, total size, progress rate, estimated time remaining
- Ability to edit text which is displayed when Vuze isn't running
- Right align variant and left align variant

Update: Fixed bug when first downloading 2 torrents, and later 1 of them finishes, the '%' still was displayed.


1. Open Vuze, go to Tools -> Plugins -> Installation Wizard... -> By File -> Locate azhtmlwebui_0.7.6
And Install the Plug-in.
2. After Plug-in is installed, go to Tools -> Options. Open the Plug-in dropdown menu at the left. Select HTML Web UI and set the following settings:

Port: 6886
Protocol: http
Acces: local
UNCHECK "Enable Password"

4. To change or remove the text you want to be displayed when Vuze isn't running, simply right-click the skin, select 'Edit Skin...' and look for 'Text=....' at the top, under '[NotRunning]'

3. Restart Vuze if necessary. Enjoy your Torrents displayed on your desktop!

Please download Rainmeter 2.0 to prevent problems.

If problems occur, feel free to comment!
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i dont understand how to change to dark skin!. i already installed it an configure it but the UI still the same.... can you provide more details in how to change the vuze skin after install the plug in? please!