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Simple Recycle Bin

Very very very simple recycle bin skin for Rainmeter, should work on Windows XP, Vista and 7.


- Double-mouse click to open up the recycle bin folder.
- Mouse-over the bin and click on the empty icon to empty recycle bin.
- When the recycle bin only contains 1 item, it will display "1 item" instead of "1 items".

Now displaying the correct number of MB's instead of Bytes.

© 2011 - 2021 maxvanijsselmuiden
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The download gives a .rar instead of a .rmskin?

Superbes icônes ! Merci de les partager.
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i have used your skin and made one that works on both sides. the download is…
hello, simple and nice skin, only have one question or feature maybe

I can't drag any item to the recycle bin, can it be changed from the .ini? Thanks in advice, that's the only thing that I think it needs or atleast I need to change :P
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Ummm, I am not sure if that is possible yet. But i'll add it to my to-do list ;)
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really great work!
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Nice work! ;) 
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In the right version of the text is not displayed when there is no deleted files!
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question please. I changed the font size to 11, but I can't see all the numbers anymore.
I did change the width at the very top, but it doesn't help. 

How do I make the font bigger and be able to see all the numbers pls? thnx

i'm using the "Right" version. 
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I got it! Change all values ​​of X = 60 to X = 80 or more.
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sorry just saw your reply! Thanks a lot, it seems to work
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I glad to help! 
nice simple design
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It looks good.....
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Awesome simple skin, I edited the looks a bit to suit my style, but I could never have written all the functions etc myself. Thanks a lot for this skin.
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I'm glad you like it. Awesome!
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I've used your work :floating:
:happybounce: see if you like it! [link]
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o.o I don't have a Rainmeter folder in my Documents ...
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Then install Rainmeter. [link]
how can i accelerate the update time ?
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Make the number "UpdateRate=..." smaller.
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Nice! I was searching for something exactly like this!
Just one question: Do you know if we can set the StringEffect to use SHADOW and BORDER at the same time?
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