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May 12, 2021
Goblins and Goats by MaxVandercat
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Goblins and Goats


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Some goblins and goat pals!!!
Soooo this are made for a course im taking on 2d animation.
I took it as  a excuse to draw some of the previous sketches i had made of goblins and other characters of Henki (and cats because yes).
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kittythecat2021's avatar
It looks great it's still like this
MaxVandercat's avatar

thank you very much kittythecat! :)

PinkBaby24's avatar

This is absolutely adorable

MaxVandercat's avatar

Thank you very much PinkBaby! :D

Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the DD!

MaxVandercat's avatar

Thank you very much Theeartistkid! Im happy it was shared! This one took me quite a lot time with the tiny animation included! :D

janifa's avatar
MaxVandercat's avatar

from oz? hehe not sure what you meant xd

Are you 100% sure you haven’t worked on kataow

MaxVandercat's avatar

Thank you aloststxr! :D I didnt know about it. Is it a cartoon?

I was mostly taking inspiration of adventure time for the characters :)

Deviant-User01's avatar

I love the colors so much and it's also very cute, yet magnificent! Great job! :la:

MaxVandercat's avatar

Thank you very much! :) Really appreciate it!

MsKuukee's avatar

I like your style it's awesome 😳

MaxVandercat's avatar

Thanks MsKuukee!!! :D Im happy with the result!

Elythis's avatar
I vibe with the guy on the top 😎
MaxVandercat's avatar
Yeaahhh!!! He is the zen pal. Its probably the only one there that do some kind of "magic". Great choice haha! :)
MaxVandercat's avatar
Thank you KyoukenOwo! (nice name btw!)
Kyouken0w0's avatar
stumpyfongo's avatar

I love this style so much! And the way you painted the clouds in the background is so appealing! Nice job!

MaxVandercat's avatar
Thank you for the kidn words! :) Yeah it's kind of a mix between linearts and painterly style. I've been practicing doing animations so I decided to do the characters in a more simplified way ;)
LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
MaxVandercat's avatar
Thank you very much LindArtz!!! :D i just saw it! It made my day!
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