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It's been a while since my last render. Things are actually going pretty well, so I decided to post an update here.

First of all, the site development is going smooth. It's currently on 90%, with a small tweak needed in member area (yep, there will be one ;)). I'm trying hard to unify the UX with the site flow, so you guys will love the site, and hopefully, visit often.

Second, I'm doing a selection and a bit clean up on the characters. Re-doing the material settings, fitting new hairs, dumping old character and making new ones. Oh well,.. if only I had 30 hours a day.

I'm planning to launch the site before Christmas, so stay tune!! :D
I've been thinking about this for a while. With the amount of artist-portfolio sites such as DA and many others, I don't see any real urgency to have a site of my own. I can literally do all what I would want to do in my own site, such as posting new arts, even do some kind of meh blogging routine.

The amount of feedback of community sites is also invaluable. I grow a lot from the responses, and it's really played a big part of my journey. But then again, I feel something is missing. It's inevitable that for each new art you produce, you need to post it to dozens of portfolio sites. With another personal site on board, it adds nothing much but more routines to do.

But as a pervert, my main problem is always censorship. On some sites, we don't have the luxury to post things that we embrace. It doesn't bother me a lot, since I still can post them elsewhere, but it's getting crappier to manage and maintain. I wish I could have a single archive of my works, uncensored, where I can point people directly to one location when they ask of my portfolio. But it's still doesn't sound convincing, I suppose..

Another one I noticed taking part is, definitely the ego. I'm primarily posting arts everywhere, just to fulfill those lusts. I want to be noticed, I want to be acknowledged, I want to be appreciated. Although it's not all, but it's some of the things that kept me going, and working on enormous count of hours. I don't care how those community-sites looks, or operates. As long I got lots of (good) feedback, I'm definitely going to post there.

So, I'm getting my own yesterday. And I guess it's just a matter of trends. Hit me up at
It's been exhaustive 2 months, with no chance at all for doing any render. Honestly, it sucks.

But here I am, thankfully had things sorted, add new cooler on my processor, plug another stick of RAM, and I can't wait to do more renders.

Thanks for all the appreciation of my work while I'm gone, I wish I can deliver more better work for you.

Hi guys,

I'm still here. Checking a bit here and there, but I'm afraid won't do any renders till the end of the month.

A bit overwhelmed with my daily work, and to be honest, I'm slightly off grid right now on inspirations. I noticed that I had reuse too much of my props, and that's a sign that I should get more (since I can't do any modelling). So give me a little bit of time, and I'll bounce back, pretty soon.

Thanks for all of your supports!
As a fairly new hobbyist, I was in doubt to put this journal up. But here we go, I'm open for commissions now.

I am well aware of the complexity of setting up prices that suit your needs and my flexible requirements as the balancing factor, I invite you to give me a note or email me ( for discussion.

I'm hanging out on DA everyday, so you'll get a pretty quick responses, guaranteed!

So, shoot me out! :D
It's been amazing 7 months since I joined here. It's a wonderful community, really, with lots of amazing artists with their outstanding artwork, and also people who are really appreciative on my work. I made couple of good friends here too.

Today, I had my 100 watchers. It's a goal that was set since the day one I joined, so to achieve this in 7 months, with lots of appreciative comments and encouraging favs, is amazing thing for me.

Through this journal, for each and every one of you who support and watch me, I just want to say, thank you very much! It's been an honor to present my humble work to you guys, and I hope I can keep doing art for you to enjoy. Hopefully, better ones. I really appreciate all the comments, the favs, even the download counts. I'm happy as a kid with his birthday present.

Thank you!