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June 26, 2018
Skull Mountain by maxprodanov
Featured by lovelessdevotions
Suggested by DanielaIvanova
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Skull Mountain

We gazed at the the monstrous cavern in the distance, its mouth hungry for our flesh, its eyes staring back at us, inviting us to become its sacrifice. A god of death, emerging from the depths of the Earth, calling out to us like a siren at sea. Wave after wave, we answered its call. We fed this beast with our flesh. We pulled our oars of steel in a sea of our own blood, under a shattered, merciless sky.
But in the end, what are men but fools? We are not born to bend our knee and lay down our swords at the foot of a mountain, before we have seen its peak.
We are born to conquer.

As always, read my book for free at

EDIT: - Wow, a HUGE thank you to the incredibly talented :icondanielaivanova: for suggesting this for a DD and to :iconlovelessdevotions: for featuring it. What an amazing honor! Thank you! :)
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I knew this would come sooner or later. Congratulations for the DD man!
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Thanks, Sake - this is how I can best describe it -
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Congrats on the DD Max! A bit belated but nevertheless I wanted to drop by and say how excited I am that you got featured. It was long overdue!
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Thank you, Daniela, for the unexpected bump in popularity :D That was awesome :)
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Congrats on your welll deserved DD:clap:
maxprodanov's avatar
Thank you very much! Sweating a little... 
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You're very welcome^^
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Wow, excellent work! :iconclapplz:!!

Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
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WindySilver's avatar
Fantastic! Congrats on the DD as well!
maxprodanov's avatar
Wow, thank you :) That was quite unexpected :)
WindySilver's avatar
You're welcome! ^_^
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That's so goddamn EPIC you have to look at it while listening to dragonforce's "valley of the damned" the get a true grasp of it's EPICNESS :D
maxprodanov's avatar
First time I hear that song. Did not regret it :D
Major-Aks's avatar
glad you liked it DF is my favourite powermetal band ^^
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