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My 5th set i have made.... Hope you find them useful.
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not sure if im being stupid or not but its not allowing me to open these brushes in photoshop. do i need to convert them or something?

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Used you beautiful stock here:

Thanks so much.Thanks for everything!
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Thanks MaxPowersXx, very handy!!
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Cool!!! Tks for share! =]
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Thanks man, you're a crack shot.[link]
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the file down load did not work for me but i really do like the idea you went with
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Man, you are a life-saver. An absolute godsend, and I'm a Deist so that's saying rather a lot.
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Do you have any rules about crediting the use of these brushes?

I've used them to create a banner for my new site upgrade (screenshot: [link]) and I don't want to not ask and then get stomped on later. Let me know what's what? :)
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Nope no crediting is needed..Oh by the way the site looks nice.:)
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Awesome! And thanks :D
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how do i get it into gimp im sorry 4 being retard
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Start>My Docs>Downloads>(name of gimp brush)
open the zip file and leave the window open
go to my computer>Local disk (c:)>Docs and set.> (username)>gimp 2.6 (or whatever your using)> brushes
Copy the brushes from the zip file and paste on to the brushes folder.

you'll have to restart gimp to see the brushes.
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Awesome! Since I'm doing a comic with a werewolf looking mutant who gets hunted by the mob (among others) these will come in VERY handy! Thank you very much!
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Excellent job. Downloading now!
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