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Splash - 3760x1600 wallpaper

I upgraded my system a bit, and so I had to make a new wallpaper for it: My System

Antoine Magnien's "Milk" was a huge inspiration for this, as you can clearly see.

It spreads nicely between pivoted 1600x1200 and 2560x1600 displays.

The downloadable .zip package includes these six wallpapers you see in the thumbnails above.
Resolution: 3760x1600

BTW, if you use (and even if you don't use) a dual screen system - I very highly recommend you to use XnView as your image viewer, that's an incredible program - and FREEWARE! :D :D

Check out how good it is!
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Kitsch1984's avatar
Milk_purple... my favourite!
Valentin3D's avatar
Spendid ! Thank you very much ! :love:
falanga's avatar
Awesome :clap: How do I missed it in 2008 =P

These wallpapers are amazing man so beautiful!
Gor0n's avatar
Delicious :p

:star: Featured on iconpaper
TheHumanParadox's avatar
This is such and awesome wallpaper for two screens. Great work
KiwiSaotome's avatar
I found one of these wallpapers on Social Wallpapering not too long ago and I didn't expect to find it here (seeing that Social Wallpapering uploads don't always include proper credits to original artists).

Anyway... Great wallpaper(s)! I'm glad to see there's more colors, too. Nice.
KaBooZ's avatar
Loving the last one a lot!
illufox's avatar
Too bad, they don't fit on 1280 x 1024.....but I just want to say, those are great! :)
donnie1992's avatar
thnx a lot..
seems like i wasnt the only 1 xD
i luv the blood one, it scales nicely to 2560x1024
TRE2Photo-n-Design's avatar
These are some great WPs. I had to adjust the image size down to 1680x1050. I tried the 3760x1600, but the edges of the "milk" were rough. Lucky for me they still look awesome!!
sirkrimskull's avatar
Could you send me the 1680x1050 ones?

Btw amazing wallpaper. :D
TRE2Photo-n-Design's avatar
I only did one of them, but with Maxons permission I can resize them to 1680x1050 and post them in my gallery. I will send Maxon a note asking for said permission.
sirkrimskull's avatar
Would be great, thanks in advance.
TRE2Photo-n-Design's avatar
I have resized the Splash wallpaper with Maxon's permission. Feel free to download them. I sent him the link so he can make sure I gave him the proper credit he deserves for creating the originals.
MickM's avatar
SUPER Awesome!
Very nice man!
You should make one in lime-green as well!
AxeField's avatar
that's a cool wallpaer dude!
septra's avatar
Now that's how I want my system too! :D
Macfree's avatar
I show your walls in the front page of MF [link] ;)

dun-kel's avatar
I was going to download your wallpapers to see it better, but slipped and pressed "request as print" instead. Sorry about that.

That aside, nice set you got there. I like the second-last one due to high contrast and the fact that I prefer drinking milk over blood.

: )
kobi's avatar
I love it!
But - maybe it's just me, but the background gradients aren't smooth!? Specially on the dark one! Help me, Maxon!
maxon's avatar
I'm aware of this problem but couldn't solve it :( - I've tried high blurring-settings, even 32-bit channels, and subtle noise - nothing seems to help - I have no idea how one can ever achieve nice smooth gradients
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